Mid - Week Must

This week we’re back with another Subscription based favorite. FabFitFun has been landing on our doorsteps for over a year and we can’t believe we didn’t discuss it sooner! WE LOVE THIS BOX!!! Its a $50 box that comes 4 times a year filled with all kinds of cool goodies ranging from the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. You’ll get 8-10 full sized premium products valued at over $200. Its fun because there’s always something you need and something new to explore in each box! Its doubles as a really cool gift, too! Get yourself and a friend one and enjoy them together.

Here are some examples of previous boxes:


Mid - Week Must

We have another skincare fav this week! As you may or may not know, Leigh, suffers greatly from acne and has for over ten years. She’s tried just about everything and recently discovered a new favorite thanks to a 30 day free trial. Curology! You’ve likely seen the ads for it, or the Influencers on instagram talking up this company, but we’re here to say that the reputation holds up! Its like having a dermatologist is your pocket! When you sign up you answer a survey and then upload photos of your acne. From there a dermatologist will reach out to you and tell you what she thinks will work for your skin as far as regimen, as well as provide a custom mixed cream for your needs. Leigh’s custom formula is 4% Azeliac Acid, 1% Clindamycin, 0.25% Zinc Pyrithione and she applies it once a day at night before bed. You get that baby in the mail and use as directed! Here is Leigh’s five day progress report:


As you can see in the photo, there has already been a big difference (please ignore the dog hair on her face HAHA) in her hyperpigmentation, redness, and overall number of active breakouts. She is currently on day 15 and the results are getting better and better as we speak. We will update you on day 30!

We also really love how interactive it can be. You can post a “postcard” to the community and people can share their support. You can also go back and view your treatment plan whenever you’d like at your convince under your profile on Curology.com. They also ave 24 hour support if needed! How cool is that? Curology also has different articles in which they recommend certain cleaners and moisturizers made by other companies to help simplify your skincare routine and take the guessing game out of shopping. If you’re not noticing a difference, you can retake the consultation at any time to try a new formula, which is pretty cool, I think!

Overall its been an excellent experience, and we can’t wait to see where 30 days gets her skin. Halfway there! I think this product has the potential to be great for most anyone, considering it is custom!

Mid - Week Must

Hey DS fam! We took a little hiatus for the holidays but we’re back in action now! Today we’re talking skincare and the best mask for those days when the hangover has taken over your life. Alcohol is dehydrating, this means a night out can cause your skin to be extra dry and tired the next day. To combat looking like an absolute troll all day long, we encourage you to hydrate from the inside with Gatorade (not the most glamorous, but it works, I’m telling ya), and from the outside with the Starskin 100% Camellia Oil Anti-Wrinkle Mask. Its our go-to!


We love a good sheet mask, they’re easy, quick, and insane looking which always makes it fun haha. Its a good way to freak out your significant other when they least expect it. Camellia oil is high in fatty acids, which makes it easy to absorb quickly and without irritation. First you’ll want to cleanse your face and pat dry, then you’ll want to tear open the package and separate the oil capsule. Once step one and two are complete, you’ll break open the capsule, apply the oil to the face, then you’ll open the 2nd sachet, remove the protective layer, and apply it to the face. The its chill time! A full 15 minutes of relaxation is required ;) After the 15 minutes has gone by, you’ll remove the sheet and discard, gently massage in remaining product (not not rinse) and VOILA, you’re good to go! This product will leave you feeling, soft, hydrated, and glowy! What more could you ask for?


We’re excited to introduce a new series on the blog. Every Monday you can return to the blog and get to learn more about our team members on a personal and professional level. We’ve loved getting to know you all throughout the years, we thought we’d give you some insight into what we’re about! We will also be highlighting specific services we offer, so stay tuned to learn more about us and our services.

Mid - Week Must

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift but you’re not quite sure what to get, or if you’re trying to delve more into makeup/skincare but you’re not sure where to start, I have the PERFECT thing for you!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

The Boxy Charm box is a consumer favorite! In this box you will receive 4-5 full size, brand name, products From Tarte, Pretty Vulgar, Cosmedix, Ofra, etc! They have a few different subscription options, $21 for the monthly subscription, 3 months at $19.66 per month, 6 months at $19.33 per month, or one year at $19.25 per month. Of all the beauty boxes out there, this one is our favorite.

The beauty experts at Boxy Charm carefully select each item based on current and emerging trends so you’ll always be in-the-know! It is a great way to stay up to date and add to your collection without doing much thinking about it. It also acts as a great gift for teens. Its the gift that keeps on giving, arriving at your doorstep once a month. We’re always excited when our Boxy Charm boxes show up with all the surprises inside!

Mid - Week Must Holiday Gift Guide Edition

We’ve gone through all of the available gift sets so you don’t have to! We will break these bad boys up into categories, feel free to skip ahead!

We’d like to begin with makeup:

  • Tarte - Pineapple of My Eye Gift Set. In this set you’ll get an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, an eyeliner, and a mascara. This gift set is perfect for a beginner or a teen that is ready to get started in the world of makeup. The eyeshadow palette is wearable and easy to use. We love Tarte shadows as they’re one of the easiest to use on the market. Valued at $354 you can’t beat there $59 price tag!

  • Stila - Glitter and Glow Highlighter and Eyeshadow Set. In this 6 piece set you’ll get 2 highlighter shades and 4 liquid eyeshadows. We’ve talked about this product in a previous blog post, and we still love it! This set is great for those of you that love glitz and glam! Valued at $70 you can’t beat the $30 price tag!

  • Tarte - Tartlette Vault. As mentioned above we LOVE Tarte shadows, they’re great for beginners as well as seasoned artists. We carry all three of these palettes in our bridal kits. This set is great for the working makeup artist, your friend who collects palettes, or the teen in your life. Buy this set and give it to one gal, or split it up and give it to three gals, and you’ll save some coin! Valued at $117, you can’t beat the $90 price tag!

  • Clinique - Get Cheeky Holiday Palette. Who doesn’t love blush? Pretty sure we can all agree that blush rules, wether you’re wearing a full glam makeup look or a “no-makeup” makeup look. Who doesn’t love variety? Pretty sure we all enjoy options too, this little palette is great for that. With three color choices, you’ll surely be satisfied with this guy! This palette is perfect for just about everyone.

Now that we’ve gone over our favorite makeup sets this year, lets talk skincare, after all, a good makeup application starts with good skin!

  • Olehenriksen Glow Brightly Radiane-Boosting Super Set. OK but seriously raise your hand if you want smooth, hydrated, even toned, glowing skin!!! Pretty sure we’re all raising our hands right now. This set will absolutely give you that and more. This set included the Banana Bright Eye Cream, C-Rush Brightening Gel Cream, Good Night Glow Retin - Alt Sleeping Cream, and the Truth Serum. Honestly, EVERYONE NEEDS THIS KIT.

  • Glam Glow The Problem Solver Kit. Featuring the SUPERMUD Mask and the SUPERCLEANSE cream to foam cleanser this kit is awesome for those of us that suffer from breakouts and need an overnight fix. I kid you not this mask is a game changer!

  • Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo. The best anti aging products in one set. These two products are great for the mature woman in your life, formulated with lactic acid and trans-retinol ester to exfoliate and brighten the skin, she will certainly thank you!

  • Sunday Riley Space Race. This trio is THE PERFECT SET for fighting acne. Leigh has suffered with hereditary acne for over ten years and with this trio, her breakouts are now few and far between. Use this set in conjunction with the Glam Glow set and you’ll be thanking the skincare gods FOR SURE. We can’t stress enough how great this trio is. If your teen has acne I beg of you to gift them this trio (throw in the glam glow duo for extra cool points!)

Now that we’ve covered skincare and makeup, lets talk hair tools. Who doesn’t love awesome hair tools that are user friendly and make you looks as though you just left the salon even though you did it at home in record time? WE DO! I know what you’re thinking, thats quite a tall order, but we have the perfect tool for you. Trust us.

  • Dyson Airwrap Styler. I can’t tell you how cool and futuristic this set is. Featuring three sizes of curling barrel, two round brush sizes, and one paddle brush, this set does all the work for you, all you have to do is lift your arm. The technology allows you to pick up a piece of hair, hold it next to the curling iron, and with air, it wraps it for you, you literally don’t have to do anything. If you don’t believe us, look it up on youtube. It’ll give you the full look from wet to dry with little to no effort on your end.

Mid - Week Must

Now that we’re celebrating all things cold, lets talk dry skin, because HONEY WE’RE ALL ABOUT TO GET IT. If you’re anything like us you get dry skin in the fall and winter months because there is less moisture in the air. This can cause quite the problem when applying any kind of makeup products to the face. While makeup is a great tool to hide our imperfections and bring out features that we like about ourselves, its not a miracle worker and can’t fix texture. We always say makeup is only as good as the skin underneath, so its best to take care of it! We’re no stranger to writing about skincare, but what about the tools? Lets talk your new Must, the Clarisonic!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Coming in a wide variety of models and colors, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The Clarisonic is the perfect way to exfoliate dead skin and push your cleanser deep into your pores causing the deepest clean you’ll ever get! The benefits are endless, anti-aging, reduce acne, removes all the left over makeup your makeup wipe didn’t get, smaller pores, and the list goes on! We all have one and we think its time you pick up yours! ;)

Mid - Week Must

Its getting to be that time of year where everyone feels comfortable wearing a little bit more makeup on their face because the St.Louis weather won't be melting it off here soon! YAY! Let us rejoice in the autumn breeze (but like, lets hurry the hell up am I right?!)

Today we're talking primer! Specifically, the Veil Mineral Primer from Hourglass. We've spoken about Hourglass before, they can truly do no wrong, and dang do we love this baby! It is oil-free and reduces the appearance of redness, pores, and wrinkles - CAN I GET AN AMEN?! It is the first step in your makeup application following skincare. It is ideal for all skin types too which is awesome for our readers! When I say ya need to buy it, I mean, drop everything and click the button below! BONUS: ITS 100% CRUELTY FREE!!! 

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri