Mid - Week March

This week we’re hitting you with one of our favorite primers, one we actually got in a Boxycharm box! If you suffer from oily skin, large pores, or textured skin, this guy is the key to your happiness as far are your makeup prep goes.

This bad boy does exactly what it says it does, smooths skin and covers pores, it also helps with makeup longevity. Apply this after skin care and before makeup and you’ll be living in perfect makeup heaven!

Mid - Week Must

Its getting to be that time of year where everyone feels comfortable wearing a little bit more makeup on their face because the St.Louis weather won't be melting it off here soon! YAY! Let us rejoice in the autumn breeze (but like, lets hurry the hell up am I right?!)

Today we're talking primer! Specifically, the Veil Mineral Primer from Hourglass. We've spoken about Hourglass before, they can truly do no wrong, and dang do we love this baby! It is oil-free and reduces the appearance of redness, pores, and wrinkles - CAN I GET AN AMEN?! It is the first step in your makeup application following skincare. It is ideal for all skin types too which is awesome for our readers! When I say ya need to buy it, I mean, drop everything and click the button below! BONUS: ITS 100% CRUELTY FREE!!! 

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