Mid - Week March

This week we’re hitting you with one of our favorite primers, one we actually got in a Boxycharm box! If you suffer from oily skin, large pores, or textured skin, this guy is the key to your happiness as far are your makeup prep goes.

This bad boy does exactly what it says it does, smooths skin and covers pores, it also helps with makeup longevity. Apply this after skin care and before makeup and you’ll be living in perfect makeup heaven!

Mid - Week Must

Oh. My. Goodness. Get ready to have your mind-blown! Even WE can’t get over how insane this product is. I don’t know who thinks of this stuff but I’m so happy “they” do! This post is geared toward those of us with hooded eyes, a hooded eye is an eye with skin that folds over the lid, giving you very little, if any, lid space.

Here are some examples of hooded eyes.

Here are some examples of hooded eyes.

Most of us with hooded eyes would prefer to have more lid space, something a little like this:

As you can see, you can very visibly see her eyelids.

As you can see, you can very visibly see her eyelids.

I’m here to tell you that you can get this look without surgery or witchcraft! Eyelid tape! We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw them and knew right away we had to try them. They actually worked and our minds were blown! I can’t imagine going to the next major event without them.

You can just pop it in the crease of your eye and apply makeup over top of them to blend them in, and voila! You have a completely new eye shape. Whoever invented this deserves a Macarthur Genius Award.

Mid - Week Must

If you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift but you’re not quite sure what to get, or if you’re trying to delve more into makeup/skincare but you’re not sure where to start, I have the PERFECT thing for you!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

The Boxy Charm box is a consumer favorite! In this box you will receive 4-5 full size, brand name, products From Tarte, Pretty Vulgar, Cosmedix, Ofra, etc! They have a few different subscription options, $21 for the monthly subscription, 3 months at $19.66 per month, 6 months at $19.33 per month, or one year at $19.25 per month. Of all the beauty boxes out there, this one is our favorite.

The beauty experts at Boxy Charm carefully select each item based on current and emerging trends so you’ll always be in-the-know! It is a great way to stay up to date and add to your collection without doing much thinking about it. It also acts as a great gift for teens. Its the gift that keeps on giving, arriving at your doorstep once a month. We’re always excited when our Boxy Charm boxes show up with all the surprises inside!

Mid - Week Must

This week we’re talking brows! We found the perfect pencil for those of you that are interested in a more natural looking brow with a product that is easy to use and especially perfect for beginners!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

First up we’re going to start with the Lancome Shaping Powdery Pencil. In 9 colors you’re sure to find the one for you! Softly fill in and define your brow with ease with this bad boy, comb through with the spoolie on the other end and your’e good to go!

Mid - Week Must Holiday Gift Guide Edition

We’ve gone through all of the available gift sets so you don’t have to! We will break these bad boys up into categories, feel free to skip ahead!

We’d like to begin with makeup:

  • Tarte - Pineapple of My Eye Gift Set. In this set you’ll get an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette, an eyeliner, and a mascara. This gift set is perfect for a beginner or a teen that is ready to get started in the world of makeup. The eyeshadow palette is wearable and easy to use. We love Tarte shadows as they’re one of the easiest to use on the market. Valued at $354 you can’t beat there $59 price tag!

  • Stila - Glitter and Glow Highlighter and Eyeshadow Set. In this 6 piece set you’ll get 2 highlighter shades and 4 liquid eyeshadows. We’ve talked about this product in a previous blog post, and we still love it! This set is great for those of you that love glitz and glam! Valued at $70 you can’t beat the $30 price tag!

  • Tarte - Tartlette Vault. As mentioned above we LOVE Tarte shadows, they’re great for beginners as well as seasoned artists. We carry all three of these palettes in our bridal kits. This set is great for the working makeup artist, your friend who collects palettes, or the teen in your life. Buy this set and give it to one gal, or split it up and give it to three gals, and you’ll save some coin! Valued at $117, you can’t beat the $90 price tag!

  • Clinique - Get Cheeky Holiday Palette. Who doesn’t love blush? Pretty sure we can all agree that blush rules, wether you’re wearing a full glam makeup look or a “no-makeup” makeup look. Who doesn’t love variety? Pretty sure we all enjoy options too, this little palette is great for that. With three color choices, you’ll surely be satisfied with this guy! This palette is perfect for just about everyone.

Now that we’ve gone over our favorite makeup sets this year, lets talk skincare, after all, a good makeup application starts with good skin!

  • Olehenriksen Glow Brightly Radiane-Boosting Super Set. OK but seriously raise your hand if you want smooth, hydrated, even toned, glowing skin!!! Pretty sure we’re all raising our hands right now. This set will absolutely give you that and more. This set included the Banana Bright Eye Cream, C-Rush Brightening Gel Cream, Good Night Glow Retin - Alt Sleeping Cream, and the Truth Serum. Honestly, EVERYONE NEEDS THIS KIT.

  • Glam Glow The Problem Solver Kit. Featuring the SUPERMUD Mask and the SUPERCLEANSE cream to foam cleanser this kit is awesome for those of us that suffer from breakouts and need an overnight fix. I kid you not this mask is a game changer!

  • Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo. The best anti aging products in one set. These two products are great for the mature woman in your life, formulated with lactic acid and trans-retinol ester to exfoliate and brighten the skin, she will certainly thank you!

  • Sunday Riley Space Race. This trio is THE PERFECT SET for fighting acne. Leigh has suffered with hereditary acne for over ten years and with this trio, her breakouts are now few and far between. Use this set in conjunction with the Glam Glow set and you’ll be thanking the skincare gods FOR SURE. We can’t stress enough how great this trio is. If your teen has acne I beg of you to gift them this trio (throw in the glam glow duo for extra cool points!)

Now that we’ve covered skincare and makeup, lets talk hair tools. Who doesn’t love awesome hair tools that are user friendly and make you looks as though you just left the salon even though you did it at home in record time? WE DO! I know what you’re thinking, thats quite a tall order, but we have the perfect tool for you. Trust us.

  • Dyson Airwrap Styler. I can’t tell you how cool and futuristic this set is. Featuring three sizes of curling barrel, two round brush sizes, and one paddle brush, this set does all the work for you, all you have to do is lift your arm. The technology allows you to pick up a piece of hair, hold it next to the curling iron, and with air, it wraps it for you, you literally don’t have to do anything. If you don’t believe us, look it up on youtube. It’ll give you the full look from wet to dry with little to no effort on your end.

Mid - Week Must

Today we’re talking about our travel must haves straight from Danielle’s travel bag from her recent get-away to Morocco and Paris!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Pictured above we have the following items:

  • Cinema Secrets 5 in 1 pro palette

  • ColorScience Total Eye 3 in 1

  • Nars Bronzer in Laguna

  • Armani Prima Color Control

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss

  • Hourglass Stick Highlighter in Champagne

  • Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

  • Sara Happ Lip Scrub

  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

  • Georgio Armani Bronzer Brush

  • Georgio Armani liquid Blush

  • Charlotte Tilburry Pillow Talk Lip Liner

  • Brun Fig Lip Liner

  • Mac Teddy Eye Liner

  • Butter London eyebrow mascara

  • Smash box Mascara

  • Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Matte in Lion

We have included the links to all the products above for your convenience. Happy shopping!

Mid - Week Must

Today we’re talking full coverage foundation. If you suffer from acne, extreme redness, or any sort of hyper pigmentation, you’ll love these! At Daniellestyle we’re constantly trying new products and from the moment these products hit our faces, we just knew.

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

First up is the YSL All Hours Foundation! With claims of 24 hour wear, we were intrigued, although no one should wear foundation for 24 hours, sometimes we have long days so if it can last 16 hours, thats fantastic! The second this foundation touched our skin we knew it was perfection. High pigmentation, super full coverage, blendable, lightweight, and it doesn’t oxidize (get darker after it dries down) or look cakey. Our favorite part? It has a skin-like finish, not too matte, but not too dewy. With that said, if you have super oily skin you will benefit from using a mattifying primer prior to applying your foundation. We would say it is great for most skin types, however you may not love it if your skin is dry. This lovely foundation comes in 36 colors ranging from super fair skin to deep skin tones. If Leigh’s lily white complexion can find a match, we’re sure you can! ;)

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Next up is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Talk about high coverage! This bad boy packs a punch as well. It is very long wearing and VERY matte and controls oil as it wears. If you’re oily, you’ll love this guy, if you’re dry, you probably won’t be a fan. I will say a little goes a long way and you have to be careful to not over-use as it WILL cake up if you do. Other than that, this foundation is a dream in a bottle! Coming in 60 shades, you can count on finding a shade that matches your skin tone. The great thing about MAC is they take your undertone (cool or warm) into account as well, which really helps to get that PERFECT color match. This has been a long time favorite for full coverage skin.

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Finally we have Maybelline Fit Me - Matte and Poreless. We thought we would include this one for those of you who may have a teen girl at home struggling with acne. Surprisingly, this foundation is one of the best on the market, competing with luxury brands as well. High coverage, long wearing, lightweight, and affordable. We never thought we’d say it, but Maybelline has really stepped up their game! With 40 shades ranging from very fair to deep you are sure to find one that fits you…..see what I did there? ;)

Mid - Week Must

Make Up For Ever recently released a new product and we are OBSESSED! The Artist Color Pencil comes in 39 shades ranging from nudes to fun pinks/blues/purples and can be used for anything ranging from eyeliner, lipliner, and brows! How cool is that?! Want to rock a hot pink brow? Now you can! HAHA! Truly, we know most of you won’t do that, but its nice to have the option right? LOL! These pencils are BOMB AF! They’re creamy, long wearing, easy to apply, and the first of its kind. Plus they’re super cute, they look like colored pencils you use when you’re a kid, how fun. Our favorite shades for lips? Universal Earth, Completely Sepia, and Boundless Berry!

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Mid - Week Must

Its getting to be that time of year where everyone feels comfortable wearing a little bit more makeup on their face because the St.Louis weather won't be melting it off here soon! YAY! Let us rejoice in the autumn breeze (but like, lets hurry the hell up am I right?!)

Today we're talking primer! Specifically, the Veil Mineral Primer from Hourglass. We've spoken about Hourglass before, they can truly do no wrong, and dang do we love this baby! It is oil-free and reduces the appearance of redness, pores, and wrinkles - CAN I GET AN AMEN?! It is the first step in your makeup application following skincare. It is ideal for all skin types too which is awesome for our readers! When I say ya need to buy it, I mean, drop everything and click the button below! BONUS: ITS 100% CRUELTY FREE!!! 

Bridal, Wedding & Commercial Hair & Makeup Salon in Saint Louis, Missouri

Mid - Week Merch

You saw the pen we posted with eye liner and lip liners. We found another product similar to this, but, arguably, better! This neat, convenient pen is packing not one, not two, not three, but FOUR shades of nude lip liner. Who doesn't love a good nude lip, especially for everyday? You can use one at a time or create a fuller lip with lip contour. For this, we recommend outlining in a darker nude, and then filling in with a lighter nude in the pen. Once you have it on, you might think, "Wow, I look crazy!" never fear, tap it out with your finger and you're all set! 


Mid - Week Merch

Hey friends! Today we're here with another summer favorite! As you know we've been posting in the vein of skincare, and lighter coverage makeup products. Summer is all about that dewy, healthy skin, glow. This week we're talking lip products! 


Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil! We love this product for a multitude of reasons. Not only are you getting a lip smoothing moisturizing treatment, it is offering a hint of color to even out the lips and create a juicy effect. This product is perfect for the ladies that like to lay out, gone are the days of dried lips! In 7 shades, you are sure to find the perfect one for you! 


If you're not into lip oils, you're going to love this one! Tom Ford Soleil Lip Balm! You get the same benefits as the lip oil, just in a balm format if you prefer that texture. There are three other shades not pictured here. 


Here is a third option, Tarte Quench Lip Rescue Balm, similar to the Tom Ford, however this one is cruelty free and vegan friendly! 

Mid - Week Merch

This week we're back with an incredible product from Armani. We love tinted moisturizer for those lighter coverage days. Days where you either don't have time to put on a full face, or days when you're going to the gym or a class, or when you simply want a little extra something at the pool instead of your bare face. This product is a game changer: 

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.01.54 PM.png

This product gives you a lightweight, even wash of color while protecting you from the sun with SPF 35. It also doubles as skin care! Armani Prima Color Control Glow Moisturizer is formulated with Moringa oleifera extract, Vitamin E and Adenosine, reviving the complexion with long-lasting hydration. Blurring fine lines and blemishes and giving you that "glow from within" look, this product should be a staple in everyone's summer routine! 

Mid - Week Merch

Do you remember those 4 color pens? They had red, green, blue, and black? Well! They've taken that idea and made it better, a 4 color lining pen!!! I never though I'd see the day, but I gotta say, its pretty genius, and perfect for your summer travels!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 11.05.59 AM.png

This pen has three colors for eyes and one for lips, all in one product! Its literally the size of a pen, perfect for traveling! It has a deep black, a grey, a brown, and a red! Its a brilliant product, and I can't believe they made this HAHA! Who woulda thought? 

Mid - Week Merch

Today we're talking about glow! The trend for the passed year or so has been blinding highlight! Highlight that you can see from the moon. We all know that wearing a lot of makeup in summer, especially in St.Louis, is less than ideal so its time to start moving into more natural, glow from within looks. We have the perfect product for you! 

The Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting stick in the color Champagne Flash. We honestly can't say enough about this product. It blends seamlessly into the skin, and provides a natural, but also visible glow from within. It is also multi-look use! Meaning, you can wear this will a full face, or on a bare face to bring some life back into your skin. This stick is honestly perfect for summer pool days as well. Swipe a little on the highest points of your cheeks, on the cupid's bow, a bit down the nose, tap it out with your finger and suddenly you're a goddess! If you want to be a little extra at the pool, throw some on the front of your shoulders for an extra sun kissed look. 

The bonus? It is CRUELTY FREE!!!  

Mid-Week Merch

Hello friends! We hope you had a great holiday week and are starting off your year feeling energized and happy! 

This week we are back with a new product, one we've never discussed on our blog before. BRUSHES! You see us posting about makeup and skin care, but what about the things we use to apply them?! We have the perfect thing for you. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.20.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.20.40 PM.png

Morphe brushes! We can't get enough. At this incredibly low price point, it is almost impossible to ignore. We've talked about this brand in a past post, not only do they create absolutely incredible makeup products for low cost, they also create incredible brushes. In fact, this brand started with brushes and graduated to makeup products, recently adding faux lashes to their repertoire, which we have yet to try but will certainly get back to you on that. 

This brush set here was selected by the famed makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. She has compiled a set of her favorite brushes, and we have to say, they are to die for. The best part about this set is that its an actual COMPLETE set, which is quite rare to find. This set has everything you need to create the perfect look, and then some for the more creative makeup user. 

If you feel like the set is too large, they break down each brush and their uses so you can buy a few separately if you so choose! I have included a link to the set below for your purchasing convenience!

23 Ways to Slay. Jaclyn’s faves, why she loves them and how she uses them...

E18 - “My favorite pencil brush. It's so soft and blends out your shadow so smoothly.” (synthetic bristles)

M441 - “This brush allows you to get a beautiful even wash of color quickly because the bristles are perfectly round.” (goat bristles)

E17 - “This brush is a little stiffer, but comes in handy when you really want to pack on product and blend it out.” (synthetic bristles)

R37 - “This is the first brush I pick up every time I do my eyeshadow.” (goat bristles)

M573 - “Ideal for applying matte shadows in a hurry.” (goat bristles)

M518 - “I use this one specifically in windshield wiper motions to blend out stubborn shadows.” (goat bristles)

M433 - “The holy grail blending brush. I don't think I could do my eyeshadow without this one.” (goat bristles)

M513 - “Since this blending brush is a little shorter with tapered hairs, you can really carve out your crease & get precise blending.” (goat bristles)

M506 - “This brush changed the eyeshadow game. It's ideal for blending out a cut crease. Its tiny shape makes it so easy to not be sloppy.” (sable bristles)

E36 - “My go to for inner corner highlight." (synthetic bristles)

M213 - “So great for applying highlight to the brow bone, inner corner of the eye & adding pops of color to the lid.” (sable bristles)

M432 - “I use this brush every day when applying shadow on my lower lash line or to smoke out my upper lash line.” (synthetic bristles)

E41 - “The biggest & best brush for applying powder all over the face. Get the job done quick too cause it's so huge. That's what she said ;) (synthetic bristles)

R2 - “My favorite bronzer brush ever! It can make a patchy bronzer look flawless I swear.” (synthetic bristles)

E8 - “I love this for applying foundation when you want a really full coverage or to cover up a blemish.” (synthetic bristles)

M504 - “This is the perfect brush for applying a shadow all over the lid or a wash of color in the crease.” (sable bristles)

M510 - “The BEST highlighting brush!” (goat bristles)

M438 - “I love this brush for applying powder to my undereye area. The tapered hairs make it so easy to get in the inner corner for a smooth application.” (sable bristles)

M530 - “This brush is so universal for anything on the face. I use it to apply blush, contour & dust awake my powder when I bake.” (natural bristles)

M437 - “Another amazing brush for contouring you can get so precise with this brush.” (sable bristles)

E47 - “I can't live without this brush. You can use it for your nose contour or to clean up your eye shadow with translucent powder.” (synthetic bristles)

R10 - “This brush is a dream to contour with. You're able to achieve a soft blended contour so effortlessly.” (synthetic bristles)

M439 - “My ride or die foundation brush!!”(synthetic bristles)

Mid-Week Merch

This week we're talking about glitter and shimmer eyeshadows. NYE is this Sunday, what better way to get festive than to glam up you eyes with some sparkle?! Scared of glitter? Looking for a fool proof and easy way to get the look? Look no further, Stila has done it!

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.07.49 AM.png

The glitter and glow liquid eye shadows are INCREDIBLE. They do not crease as the night goes on, and they apply like a dream. You don't have to be a skilled makeup artist to use these babies. They come in 12 shades for the glitter finish and 6 shades in the shimmer finish. "Get maximum sparkle with minimal fall out," claims Sephora.com, and I gotta say, they're dead on with this description. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.18.53 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.14.19 AM.png

If you feel like the glitter is a little much for you, they also have a new shimmer range, available in 11 shades. You can expect the same results as the glitter range, minus the glitter of course. Its still a great way to get a glow without being too extra! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.17.17 AM.png

Mid-Week Merch

Today we're talking bronzers. Have trouble finding your shade? We guarantee your satisfaction with the Morphe That Glow Bronzer Palette. This palette is equipped with warm tones for medium skin tones and cooler tones for the fair skinned beauties of the world. In addition to that, this palette includes mattes and shimmers, so if you're feeling a certain vibe one day, and a different vibe the next, you'll still be reaching for this palette. On the website it claims to give you a smooth, even application no matter your skin type, and let me tell you, it measures up! 

Morphe That Glow

Mid-Week Merch

Today we're talking about our most used lip products. In the salon we get asked what lip we're rocking quite frequently, and its our bride's favorite question to ask. Lets get into it! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.44.56 AM.png

First up is MAC cosmetics lip pencil in Soar. The color is described as a mid-tone pinkish brown. Its that perfect "your lips but better" color. Often we wear this pencil by itself, it lasts all day, and is very comfortable on the lips. Throw on a gloss to glam it up a little, and you're all set! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.48.36 AM.png

Next up is the Kevyn Aucoin lip pencil in medium. This pencil is described as a medium nude beige. If you're looking for the perfect nude, look no further, you've found it! This is another pencil you can wear by itself, its long lasting and comfortable just like Soar. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.53.54 AM.png

Next up is another Mac pencil, Whirl. The color is described as a dirty rose, offering the perfect 90's lip that is so in right now. Think Rachael Green from friends. This pencil is also great by itself or with a gloss over top. Like the others mentioned above, it is long lasting and comfortable. This pencil is also great for outlining the lip, and filling in with a lighter color like Boldly Bare (described as a dirty red brown) by Mac, this creates larger looking lips. Mac Whirl and Boldly Bare is Leigh's favorite lip combo. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.59.07 AM.png

Last up is another Mac pencil: Half Red (did you notice a trend?) This color is described as a soft burgundy. Its almost red, but not, and its almost brown, but not. This is another "your lips but better," color. Easy to throw on, comfortable, and long lasting. 

Honestly you can't go wrong with any of the colors mentioned above. We at Danielle Style wear them frequently, as well as frequently used on brides or for special occasions. They're also great for teenagers in the beginning of wearing makeup, as they aren't aggressive shades but rather soft and age appropriate. I have attached buttons below to all of the products. Happy shopping!