Mid-Week Merch

Hello friends! We hope you had a great holiday week and are starting off your year feeling energized and happy! 

This week we are back with a new product, one we've never discussed on our blog before. BRUSHES! You see us posting about makeup and skin care, but what about the things we use to apply them?! We have the perfect thing for you. 

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Morphe brushes! We can't get enough. At this incredibly low price point, it is almost impossible to ignore. We've talked about this brand in a past post, not only do they create absolutely incredible makeup products for low cost, they also create incredible brushes. In fact, this brand started with brushes and graduated to makeup products, recently adding faux lashes to their repertoire, which we have yet to try but will certainly get back to you on that. 

This brush set here was selected by the famed makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. She has compiled a set of her favorite brushes, and we have to say, they are to die for. The best part about this set is that its an actual COMPLETE set, which is quite rare to find. This set has everything you need to create the perfect look, and then some for the more creative makeup user. 

If you feel like the set is too large, they break down each brush and their uses so you can buy a few separately if you so choose! I have included a link to the set below for your purchasing convenience!

23 Ways to Slay. Jaclyn’s faves, why she loves them and how she uses them...

E18 - “My favorite pencil brush. It's so soft and blends out your shadow so smoothly.” (synthetic bristles)

M441 - “This brush allows you to get a beautiful even wash of color quickly because the bristles are perfectly round.” (goat bristles)

E17 - “This brush is a little stiffer, but comes in handy when you really want to pack on product and blend it out.” (synthetic bristles)

R37 - “This is the first brush I pick up every time I do my eyeshadow.” (goat bristles)

M573 - “Ideal for applying matte shadows in a hurry.” (goat bristles)

M518 - “I use this one specifically in windshield wiper motions to blend out stubborn shadows.” (goat bristles)

M433 - “The holy grail blending brush. I don't think I could do my eyeshadow without this one.” (goat bristles)

M513 - “Since this blending brush is a little shorter with tapered hairs, you can really carve out your crease & get precise blending.” (goat bristles)

M506 - “This brush changed the eyeshadow game. It's ideal for blending out a cut crease. Its tiny shape makes it so easy to not be sloppy.” (sable bristles)

E36 - “My go to for inner corner highlight." (synthetic bristles)

M213 - “So great for applying highlight to the brow bone, inner corner of the eye & adding pops of color to the lid.” (sable bristles)

M432 - “I use this brush every day when applying shadow on my lower lash line or to smoke out my upper lash line.” (synthetic bristles)

E41 - “The biggest & best brush for applying powder all over the face. Get the job done quick too cause it's so huge. That's what she said ;) (synthetic bristles)

R2 - “My favorite bronzer brush ever! It can make a patchy bronzer look flawless I swear.” (synthetic bristles)

E8 - “I love this for applying foundation when you want a really full coverage or to cover up a blemish.” (synthetic bristles)

M504 - “This is the perfect brush for applying a shadow all over the lid or a wash of color in the crease.” (sable bristles)

M510 - “The BEST highlighting brush!” (goat bristles)

M438 - “I love this brush for applying powder to my undereye area. The tapered hairs make it so easy to get in the inner corner for a smooth application.” (sable bristles)

M530 - “This brush is so universal for anything on the face. I use it to apply blush, contour & dust awake my powder when I bake.” (natural bristles)

M437 - “Another amazing brush for contouring you can get so precise with this brush.” (sable bristles)

E47 - “I can't live without this brush. You can use it for your nose contour or to clean up your eye shadow with translucent powder.” (synthetic bristles)

R10 - “This brush is a dream to contour with. You're able to achieve a soft blended contour so effortlessly.” (synthetic bristles)

M439 - “My ride or die foundation brush!!”(synthetic bristles)