Mid - Week Must

Now that we’re celebrating all things cold, lets talk dry skin, because HONEY WE’RE ALL ABOUT TO GET IT. If you’re anything like us you get dry skin in the fall and winter months because there is less moisture in the air. This can cause quite the problem when applying any kind of makeup products to the face. While makeup is a great tool to hide our imperfections and bring out features that we like about ourselves, its not a miracle worker and can’t fix texture. We always say makeup is only as good as the skin underneath, so its best to take care of it! We’re no stranger to writing about skincare, but what about the tools? Lets talk your new Must, the Clarisonic!

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Coming in a wide variety of models and colors, you can’t go wrong with any of them. The Clarisonic is the perfect way to exfoliate dead skin and push your cleanser deep into your pores causing the deepest clean you’ll ever get! The benefits are endless, anti-aging, reduce acne, removes all the left over makeup your makeup wipe didn’t get, smaller pores, and the list goes on! We all have one and we think its time you pick up yours! ;)