Mid - Week Must

We have another skincare fav this week! As you may or may not know, Leigh, suffers greatly from acne and has for over ten years. She’s tried just about everything and recently discovered a new favorite thanks to a 30 day free trial. Curology! You’ve likely seen the ads for it, or the Influencers on instagram talking up this company, but we’re here to say that the reputation holds up! Its like having a dermatologist is your pocket! When you sign up you answer a survey and then upload photos of your acne. From there a dermatologist will reach out to you and tell you what she thinks will work for your skin as far as regimen, as well as provide a custom mixed cream for your needs. Leigh’s custom formula is 4% Azeliac Acid, 1% Clindamycin, 0.25% Zinc Pyrithione and she applies it once a day at night before bed. You get that baby in the mail and use as directed! Here is Leigh’s five day progress report:


As you can see in the photo, there has already been a big difference (please ignore the dog hair on her face HAHA) in her hyperpigmentation, redness, and overall number of active breakouts. She is currently on day 15 and the results are getting better and better as we speak. We will update you on day 30!

We also really love how interactive it can be. You can post a “postcard” to the community and people can share their support. You can also go back and view your treatment plan whenever you’d like at your convince under your profile on Curology.com. They also ave 24 hour support if needed! How cool is that? Curology also has different articles in which they recommend certain cleaners and moisturizers made by other companies to help simplify your skincare routine and take the guessing game out of shopping. If you’re not noticing a difference, you can retake the consultation at any time to try a new formula, which is pretty cool, I think!

Overall its been an excellent experience, and we can’t wait to see where 30 days gets her skin. Halfway there! I think this product has the potential to be great for most anyone, considering it is custom!