Mid - Week Must

Hey DS fam! We took a little hiatus for the holidays but we’re back in action now! Today we’re talking skincare and the best mask for those days when the hangover has taken over your life. Alcohol is dehydrating, this means a night out can cause your skin to be extra dry and tired the next day. To combat looking like an absolute troll all day long, we encourage you to hydrate from the inside with Gatorade (not the most glamorous, but it works, I’m telling ya), and from the outside with the Starskin 100% Camellia Oil Anti-Wrinkle Mask. Its our go-to!


We love a good sheet mask, they’re easy, quick, and insane looking which always makes it fun haha. Its a good way to freak out your significant other when they least expect it. Camellia oil is high in fatty acids, which makes it easy to absorb quickly and without irritation. First you’ll want to cleanse your face and pat dry, then you’ll want to tear open the package and separate the oil capsule. Once step one and two are complete, you’ll break open the capsule, apply the oil to the face, then you’ll open the 2nd sachet, remove the protective layer, and apply it to the face. The its chill time! A full 15 minutes of relaxation is required ;) After the 15 minutes has gone by, you’ll remove the sheet and discard, gently massage in remaining product (not not rinse) and VOILA, you’re good to go! This product will leave you feeling, soft, hydrated, and glowy! What more could you ask for?


We’re excited to introduce a new series on the blog. Every Monday you can return to the blog and get to learn more about our team members on a personal and professional level. We’ve loved getting to know you all throughout the years, we thought we’d give you some insight into what we’re about! We will also be highlighting specific services we offer, so stay tuned to learn more about us and our services.