Mid - Week Must

This week we have more skincare products for you, as we prep for summer, we’re all aware that we tend to wear less makeup in the warmer months, so its a great time to start re-focusing on skincare! Today we have a couple interesting products made by Farmacy, a “clean” brand from Sephora. If you didn’t already know, Sephora has started putting a “clean” seal on all their products that are formulated without: sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, Triclosan, Triclocarban. All skincare, hair, and makeup brands with the Clean Seal have less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. From Sephora: All Farmacy products contain naturally-derived ingredients grown on organic farms and are never tested on animals. Echinacea GreenEnvy™ honey is full of potent, natural antioxidants and is made only by bees that live on Farmacy’s farm and pollinate the Echinacea GreenEnvy flowers. 


Leigh has been swearing by this product as a pre-cleanser to remove makeup. This product is extremely gentle and does not irritate eyes. Using a pea sized amount, rub between wet hands, and then gently place your hands on your face and massage product throughout, including under your chin and onto your neck, and over your eyes and rinse. Once all of you makeup is removed you can go in with your favorite cleanser, wether that be anti-aging or anti-acne, Leigh uses the Sal 3 bar to treat acne, repeat those steps avoiding your eyes and gently pat dry. You may proceed with your regular evening skincare routine or you can continue reading and find out about or new favorite AHA/BHA night serum.

If you’ve been in the skincare game for a while you know that AHA/BHA serums are a game changer. The way I like to remember it is, AHAs are an “above” skin (meaning the surface) treatment and BHAs are a “below” skin treatment, but who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of a two-in-one treatment? We know we do!


The product actually claims to be a three-in-one treatment, resurfaces, hydrates, and clarifies dull skin while you sleep, formulated with a 14 percent AHA/BHA/gentle flower acids blend. This is great for uneven skin tone, dullness and uneven texture, and fine lines and wrinkles. From Sephora: A blend of AHA from lactic, glycolic, citric and fruit acids exfoliates dead skin cells, promotes cell renewal, targets hyperpigmentation, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. BHA from willow bark, a natural source of salicylic acid, helps visibly diminish pore size. Flower acids from hibiscus extract help exfoliate and clarify skin. Hyaluronic acid, along with a proprietary honey blend, deliver intense yet gentle hydration to ensure skin is never dry or over-stripped. This product is also cruelty free and has the “clean” seal from Sephora. This product is best used 2-3 nights a week, building up to more frequent use if needed. You’ll apply this on clean, dry skin, avoiding the eyes. We have to say, we believe the hype! This product is KILLING it and evening Leigh’s skin texture and hyper pigmentation out after each use! The best part is the name, Honeymoon Glow, it makes it a great gift for the newly engaged woman in your life, extra cute and extra effective!

We also told you that we would update you on Leigh’s journey with Curology incase you’re interested in using it yourself, or gifting it to the teen in your life who is struggling with self-esteem due to skin issues. Here you have it! From Leigh: For anyone that struggles with skin issues, I was right there with you. I tried everything, literally everything. Nothing worked, and if it did, it worked short term. I was skeptical about Curology at first, but I kept seeing people talking about it so out of desperation I decided I would try it too. I’m SO SO happy I did. I am happy to report that I have zero active breakouts, just leftover hyper pigmentation, that I’m treating with Honeymoon Glow, from breakouts of the past. The photo on the left is from December 30, 2018, the first day I used it, the photo on the right is from April 28, 2019. It only took 4 months to see incredibly results. I’m SHOOK! If you’re skeptical like I was, just jump in. It’s affordable and they say the bottle lasts a month, but I’ve found I can usually get about 6 weeks out of it. Money well spent!

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Mid - Week Must

Some of us have dry skin no matter what time of year it is, and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to get rid of it or manage it properly. Some of us have tried everything. Well friends, I’m here to tell you, we have just the product for you!


Amanda swears by this product, having struggled with dry skin for years. A dermatologist-developed face moisturizer that softens, smooths, and improves, leaving skin glowing - and it really does. Often, Amanda prefers to not wear foundation as dry skin can cause it to look a little heavy. She uses this product mixed with her favorite facial tanning oil, San Tropez Tan Luxe Facial Oil, and she is radiant and smooth all day long!

Mid-Week Must

Hey ya’ll! We have a full blown OBSESSION going down at the salon. There’s a new anti-frizz product we’re ATTEMPTING to keep on the shelves but it is just FLYING away! This butter works great on medium to thick hair textures. It does exactly as it claims, it smooths and tames frizz while leaving your hair shiny, healthy, and protected.

Getting to Know: Aubergine

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 12.15.40 PM.png

This week we’re introducing Aubergine, our newest addition to the salon and bridal styling team! Aubergine, formally of Blown Away, has worked with us as an assistant on weddings for many years, and now you all get to meet her! Yay! Lets begin!

Q: When did you begin to show interest in hair and makeup, or beauty in general. What first inspired you?

A: My Nanni is my inspiration, she owned her own salon and wig shop.

Q: Name your style in one word, both personally and professionally:

A: Edgy Glam!

Q: If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would you say?

A: Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.

Q: Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing with your spare time?

A: Spending time with my family and going out with my friends!

Q: What is your favorite part of being on the Daniellestyle team?

A: The endless opportunities, and being around my fellow stylists, they’re awesome!

Q: Have any secret talents?

A: I’m double jointed!

Q: What is your favorite season?

A: Fall!

Q: If you could choose one super-power what would you choose?

A: Time travel.

Q: Whats inspiring you right now?

A: I’m not sure, everything!

Q: If you could be anywhere in the world right at this very minute, where would you be?

A: Cozumel Mexico!

Q: What are you known for both professionally and personally?

A: My calming nature.

Q: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

A: I starting playing golf at age 4.

Q: If you could hangout with one person alive or dead, excluding relatives, who would it be?

A: Jeff Bridges

Q: Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

A: Extrovert

Q: What are you most curious about in life?

A: How the mind works!

Q: What motivates you?

A: My family.

Q: Who is your celebrity crush?

A: I don’t really have one.

Q: What travel destination is high on your list?

A: Hawaii

Q: What would you like to be remembered for?

A: My hard work and ability to make people feel like a million bucks!

Q: What trends in hair and makeup would you like to see disappear?

A: Unnatural brow shapes.

I Bet You've Been Wondering Where We've Been

Hello everyone! Its been a hot minute since we’ve posted a Mid-Week Must so we thought we’d update you on all things Daniellestyle!

We’ve gone through a couple exciting changes in the last month! We have a new booking system through Vagaro and a new online-system for collecting contracts for special events. We are so excited to have added these new features to bring you the best client experience we can! We’ve added online booking options for Amanda and Aubergine, super cool way to create your own schedule! You can click the button below and book away! To book Danielle or Leigh, you can email Daniellestyleinc@gmail.com!

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We’ve had quite a few highlights going on in our personal lives as well! We added Aubergine, you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook. Aubergine is a transplant from Chicago, formally from Blown Away in Clayton, she has made an AWESOME addition to our team. Aubergine has worked with us on weddings for many years, we are pumped to have her in the salon every day with us providing the best blowouts in the city. Seriously, homegirl slays with a dryer and a round brush! She offers cuts, color, and keratin treatments as well! She also has SATURDAY HOURS! How cool is that? You can book her online with the above link. I have also included her bridal portfolio below:

Our favorite little green-haired gremlin got ENGAGED! We are so excited for Leigh and Devin to tie the knot! He proposed at their first date spot- The Chase movie theater, it was private and romantic. The ring is a family heirloom and contains his grandmother and great-grandmother’s diamonds! We promise the photo doesn’t do this beautiful vintage piece justice!


Danielle’s wedding is this Saturday! We’re all on the edge of our seat to see details! She’s been a little secretive about some of the details, and we’re literally DYING to see her in the dress! She also has a custom-made veil made by one of the best in the biz - none other than Toni Federici!


Next week we will be back to regularly scheduled blogging! Next up is our Q&A with Aubergine! We’re so excited for you guys to get to know her, you’re going to love her!

Mid - Week March

This week we’re hitting you with one of our favorite primers, one we actually got in a Boxycharm box! If you suffer from oily skin, large pores, or textured skin, this guy is the key to your happiness as far are your makeup prep goes.

This bad boy does exactly what it says it does, smooths skin and covers pores, it also helps with makeup longevity. Apply this after skin care and before makeup and you’ll be living in perfect makeup heaven!

Getting to Know: Danielle - Makeup Lesson

As we all know, Danielle is a top of the line makeup artist. Danielle is frequently asked if she offers makeup lessons, and many people are surprised to hear that the answer is yes! Danielle is very passionate about teaching and it really shows in the lesson. Wether you’re looking to learn a better “everyday” or a great “going out” look, she’s excellent at helping you with what looks best. At these lessons you will receive a “kit edit,” this means that she will go through your makeup that you bring in and tell you what she thinks works for you and what you need to get rid of. The next step in the lesson is the lesson in application, where she will show you what works for your eye shape, skin type, face shape, etc. To close out the lesson, Danielle will provide you with a shopping list, her personal recommendations, customized just for you, and where the item can be purchased. This appointment is performed at the Daniellestyle studio, and runs about an hour to an hour and a half in length. If you’re having trouble shopping, you may shoot us a quick email at any time and we can help sort out any issues following the appointment, making this a great investment into yourself as it takes the guessing game out of the entire process! Who doesn’t love when everything is simplified?! If you’re feeling a little unsure of your makeup skills, this is a great way to up your game and your confidence too!


Getting to Know: Leigh - Creative Color

This week we’re highlighting Leigh’s ability to do creative color. At this time she is the only stylist in the salon that executes creative color. We encourage you to reach out to her for all of your creative color needs. Lets highlight a few of our favorites and why this skill is incredibly important in other color techniques.


Creative color can be quite tricky, you must be skilled at blonding, don’t worry we’ll plug that skill later, in order to reach a level in which to get full color pigmentation out of the creative color you’re using. If you’re not able to reach pure blonde, there is a lot of color theory that goes into mixing creative color to compensate for any undertones that are left in the hair from the blonding process. It takes a true color theory genius to pull off these colors, and we definitely have one on the team!

Mid - Week Must

This week we’re back with another Subscription based favorite. FabFitFun has been landing on our doorsteps for over a year and we can’t believe we didn’t discuss it sooner! WE LOVE THIS BOX!!! Its a $50 box that comes 4 times a year filled with all kinds of cool goodies ranging from the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. You’ll get 8-10 full sized premium products valued at over $200. Its fun because there’s always something you need and something new to explore in each box! Its doubles as a really cool gift, too! Get yourself and a friend one and enjoy them together.

Here are some examples of previous boxes:


Getting to Know: Amanda - All Things Brow

We’re taking the “Getting to Know” series into services . Our stylists, while jacks of all trade, we chose to highlight a few of their services offered. Starting with Amanda, we thought we would bring in some Brow education to help you have a better understanding of all of the brow services Amanda offers.


Insert photo of Amanda doing brows ^

Amongst your basic eyebrow waxing and tinting, she offer Henna Eyebrows, Microblading, and Microshading. We all know what a brow wax and tint it, so I won’t go too much into that, however we do have to point out its a great add-on service for our regulars to get while they’re here! ;)

Henna Eyebrows: Henne Eyebrows are the tinting of the hair and the skin that has a staying power of 4-6 weeks on the hair and 2-3 weeks on the skin depending on skincare. This is a great service for those of you that want a full looking brow without having to put anything permanent on. This service is also great for those of us who might be in between mircoblading touch ups and want to get a little something for extra definition. We’re all hooked on this service at the salon!

Microblading Eyebrows: Microblading!!! We can’t say enough good things about microblading. The benefits are endless. This service will give you the most natural looking eyebrow, semi permanently, using individual strokes that mimic brow hair. Meaning, you will no longer need to fill in your eyebrows, you will always have a defined/natural and beautiful brow. Amanda will shape your brows in the best way to frame your face appropriately. Each eyebrow session is completely custom to each clients facial features and preferences. This appointment is a 2 part appointment, you’ll come in for the initial appointment and 4/6 weeks following that, you’ll have your perfecting appointment. Following those two appointments you will only need a touch up once a year. And yes, your eyebrows are numbed prior and no you don’t feel it HAHA! ;)

Microshading: Microshading is an optional service. Similar to that of microblading and usually done in tandem, occasionally clients will want an even fuller brow, so Amanda will add in some shading amongst the individual microblading strokes to add that effect.

Mid - Week Must

We have another skincare fav this week! As you may or may not know, Leigh, suffers greatly from acne and has for over ten years. She’s tried just about everything and recently discovered a new favorite thanks to a 30 day free trial. Curology! You’ve likely seen the ads for it, or the Influencers on instagram talking up this company, but we’re here to say that the reputation holds up! Its like having a dermatologist is your pocket! When you sign up you answer a survey and then upload photos of your acne. From there a dermatologist will reach out to you and tell you what she thinks will work for your skin as far as regimen, as well as provide a custom mixed cream for your needs. Leigh’s custom formula is 4% Azeliac Acid, 1% Clindamycin, 0.25% Zinc Pyrithione and she applies it once a day at night before bed. You get that baby in the mail and use as directed! Here is Leigh’s five day progress report:


As you can see in the photo, there has already been a big difference (please ignore the dog hair on her face HAHA) in her hyperpigmentation, redness, and overall number of active breakouts. She is currently on day 15 and the results are getting better and better as we speak. We will update you on day 30!

We also really love how interactive it can be. You can post a “postcard” to the community and people can share their support. You can also go back and view your treatment plan whenever you’d like at your convince under your profile on Curology.com. They also ave 24 hour support if needed! How cool is that? Curology also has different articles in which they recommend certain cleaners and moisturizers made by other companies to help simplify your skincare routine and take the guessing game out of shopping. If you’re not noticing a difference, you can retake the consultation at any time to try a new formula, which is pretty cool, I think!

Overall its been an excellent experience, and we can’t wait to see where 30 days gets her skin. Halfway there! I think this product has the potential to be great for most anyone, considering it is custom!