Getting to Know: Danielle - Makeup Lesson

As we all know, Danielle is a top of the line makeup artist. Danielle is frequently asked if she offers makeup lessons, and many people are surprised to hear that the answer is yes! Danielle is very passionate about teaching and it really shows in the lesson. Wether you’re looking to learn a better “everyday” or a great “going out” look, she’s excellent at helping you with what looks best. At these lessons you will receive a “kit edit,” this means that she will go through your makeup that you bring in and tell you what she thinks works for you and what you need to get rid of. The next step in the lesson is the lesson in application, where she will show you what works for your eye shape, skin type, face shape, etc. To close out the lesson, Danielle will provide you with a shopping list, her personal recommendations, customized just for you, and where the item can be purchased. This appointment is performed at the Daniellestyle studio, and runs about an hour to an hour and a half in length. If you’re having trouble shopping, you may shoot us a quick email at any time and we can help sort out any issues following the appointment, making this a great investment into yourself as it takes the guessing game out of the entire process! Who doesn’t love when everything is simplified?! If you’re feeling a little unsure of your makeup skills, this is a great way to up your game and your confidence too!