Mid - Week Merch

Ok so this week's fav is not exactly "merch," but it is a MUST for all of our brides as well as a general summer must. So here's the thing! Skincare is important in summer because you're probably wearing less makeup than you normally do, because lets face it...most of it is melting off in the pool. We want to look and feel our best in our most natural state here in St.Louis during the summer months, and the best place to start is with regular facials. 

As for our brides: GIRL! MAKEUP GOES ON WAY BETTER WITH CLEAR/SMOOTH SKIN. I'm sure you've heard this before but we thought we'd say it again. We specialize in airbrush foundation (yes we use other foundations at the request of the client/skin condition), because of the way airbrush foundation works, its best to rid your face of any vellus hair. If you're not sure what vellus hair is, let me explain. Picture a peach, its those tiny little fuzziest that, unfortunately, we humans also have. HAHA! With the vellus hair on your skin, the airbrush can tend to sit directly on top of it instead of your skin, making the hair look a lot more noticeable... if there's one thing in life I'm sure of, we don't want to have visible hair on our face. :) In addition to vellus hair, there is only so much makeup can do for texture, we can cover discoloration, etc. but a bump is just that, a bump. In order to reduce these and the vellus hair problem, we strongly recommend regular facials leading up to the big day starting, at minimum, once a month six months out. The week of the event, we recommend getting the Dermaplane treatment to rid your face of vellus hair. 

You're probably wondering where the best place in St.Louis is, and we have just the place for you! The Avani Derm Spa. They offer anything and everything your face could possibly need! Facials, laser treatments, spray tans, injectables, etc. This is where we go, so we KNOW you'd love it too! Being that we are speaking to a wide variety of skin types, we recommend booking your consultation/services directly through them based on your needs. We have conveniently linked their website below where you can read all about their services and find their location and phone number.