Mid - Week Merch

We're back with another summer favorite! We all love body moisture, but as we all know, its summer in St.Louis which means we're trading out our thick body creams for dry oils and things of the like. Moisturizing your skin is the key to keeping it looking younger and more vibrant, along with exfoliation. Our favorite time to moisturize? Fresh out of the shower after a good body scrub. We've found the perfect, light, easy to apply product for the warmer months:


We know it says hair in bold letters in the title, but honestly, we don't use it on our hair. We use this solely for our body. It is the perfect dry oil mist that comes in an aerosol container making it super easy to apply. Mist it over skin, rub it in, and it sinks right into the skin without leaving an oily residue on your body or hands. And it smells like rose!!!! We know what you're thinking, your grandma used to use rose perfumes, but I promise it is not an overwhelming scent. Its light, fresh, and perfect for summer.