Mid-Week Merch

Happy Wednesday! Today we're coming at you with another one of our favorite products! 

It might seem simple to you, but to us, this glue is an absolute staple! We will never use another brand of glue again. We also prefer the clear-white version because it doesn't get that gummy look that some black glues get. Now lets find out why we like it! 

1. Its latex-free! Often when people have a negative reaction to faux lashes, it stems from the glue. Most lash glues contain latex, this is the most common ingredient that causes an allergic reaction. 

2. It is waterproof! It is perfect for special events, such as weddings, in which people may cry! Or contact wearing individuals that deal with a lot of moisture in their eyes. 

3. It dries clear! 

4. It is not tested on animals. 

5. IT LASTS ALL DAY AND NIGHT, which is by far our favorite part. 

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