Lash extensions, what are they and who are they for? Lash extensions are individual lashes glued individually to your existing lashes to create a fuller and longer looking lash. They typically last no longer than 3 weeks, you have the option of getting a full 1 week later, 2 weeks later, or 3 weeks later, after 3 weeks it is considered a full set. These lashes are ideal for the girl that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, or the girl who doesn't wear oil based products.

What you want to avoid:

1. Wetting within 48 hours.

2. Oil based cleansers or makeup.

3. Mascara, luckily with lash extensions you can throw your mascara out he window!

4. Oily hair products. You may not realize it, but as you spray hair products, they can get all over the body and face. Oil will break down the adhesive on the lashes, they will shed faster than normal.

One thing to remember is that some shedding is normal as we lose lashes regularly without even realizing it. With that said, we do want to avoid speeding that process along. You will also want to comb through your lashes with a spooly free of product once a day to keep from tangling. #teachtuesday