Leedee review

Wanted to share a new little gem I found called the Leedee.

After having my daughter I noticed that the skin on my legs was different. Scaly, dry, and even a little bit of k.p. ( also known as keristasis polaris: hardening of the keratin layer in the hair follicle that looks  like chicken skin that doesn't go away. Even 2 years post baby I still had this so I started trying the get rid of it. I tried exfoliation of all kinds,40 % and 50% chemical peels, multiple lotions that were supposed to help and even prescription creme from the dermatologist. Nothing worked. But one day I noticed that Amazon had added this little tool to my "suggested products" page. I tend to be a bit of a cynic so I thought there was no way this little piece of plastic was gonna do anything. The directions said, hold at a 45 degree angle and run across skin to remove dead skin. 

Well, this little piece of plastic is now one of my favorite things. It gently removed built up dead skin and bumps from everywhere. I've attached a picture below to show you all the dead skin this little sucker gets off. I know...gross.

The Leede gets 5 stars from me. It made my legs as smooth as silk again and it only costs $7.00!

Danielle Erb

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Look at all the dead skin that came off! And that was just my legs.