Service Review: Eye lash extensions and HydraFacial

I truly believe that life is about experiencing all that life has to offer. Which is why I'm always to try something new. Last week I tried eye lash extensions, which I know aren't new to the beauty scene, but are new to me. I've thought of trying them in the past, but to be honest was never curious enough to actually make an apt. to get some. Which is why I jumped on the chance to try it when last saturdays bride had a lady at her hotel putting them on herself and her mom. 

It took about an hour to apply and may or may not have snored while she did it. Here are the list of the pro's and con's to having them. 


-You look like you have make-up on all the time!

           - Because you don't have to mess with mascara, it takes less that 3 min. to do your m-up     in the morning.


-When in the shower, there really isn't an easy way to rub the water out of your eyes. 

            -They don't stay in place and can be hard to get to all go in the right direction.

           -Touchups are recommended every 2 weeks, but after 7 days I started to look like I had          mange on one of my eye's because the lashes had gotten sparse. 

         -You can't rub your eye's and sometimes after a long day nothing feels better than mashing your fingers into your eye sockets .

So since I'm a pretty practical girl, I have to say that even thought they were quite stunning the lash extensions were a one time thing for me. I guess I like rubbing my eyes more than I thought:)  

Now onto the HydraFacial:)   I had a bride in from K.C. for a trial and her skin was so clear and gorgeous I had to find out what she was doing. Before meeting her I had never heard of HydraFacial and I consider myself quite versed in skin procedures. After searching long and hard I found 1 chic that does it in St. Louis. ( don't worry I'll give you her info later:)  The website states that after a dissolving serum is applied to the skin, the vacuum out all the crud from your pores that is too small to get out with normal extractions!!!   And if that isn't cool enough she was able to show me what she sucked out of my face!!!  If you are someone who is enamored with what comes out of your face after a Biore pore strip you will be in heaven. 

   The procedure was an hour, $130.00, and my skin has never looked better. It was beyond soft and quite gentle. I tend to have quite sensitive skin and had no irritation at all. I will be recommending this to all my brides who want their skin to be in tip top shape come wedding day!  

HydraFacial by Christy  314-580-9880