Federicci Veils

Last week I had the pleasure of once again working with the Toni Federicci Team to shoot some of her new veils and head pieces. Having been in business as long as they have, you would think they surely couldn't come up with anything that hasn't been seen before, yet they do. My favorite from this bunch was a new veil that instead of having the crystal head piece in front of it like you would traditionally see, they had it draped across the back. Oh, I forgot to mention that this is attached to the veil by magnets and doubles as a bracelet.  It was very fresh and on trend with all the boho looks that are popular now.  I love working with them for many reasons, but my favorite is that Toni loves playing as much as Susan and I do. By playing, I mean that we totally forget about the fact that we are selling veils and just have fun creating beautiful shots. I have attached some of our "fun" shots. 


Model: The lovely Irina

Photographer: Susan Jackson