Wedding Day Skin


The question I most often get asked from bride is, " What should I do to my skin prior to the wedding day - should I get a facial?".


First things first. As a rule of thumb, I don't suggest anyone have anything done the week before their wedding that they haven't tried before. So, if you are wanting to make sure your skin is in impeccable shape, start what ever routine you decide on about 3 months before your big day. 


Avani Essentials Facial:  Facials are nice and all, but have never really done much for me as far as seeing results. My suggestion would be booking an Avani Essentials Facial at Nayak Plastic Surgery. This is not your normal facial. It starts with derma planing, which is a process where the fine hairs on your face are removed with a scalpel. I know it sounds kinda crazy, but removing those little hairs allows for a much smoother make-up application. Next, you are treated to an exfoliation process, in which the dead skin is sucked off your face, called microdermabrasion. Then, you will receive a light peel just to get some new skin cells to the surface. You will leave glowing and the results last up to 3 weeks. 


Acne Problems: If you are experiencing acne you are gonna want to have this looked at sooner than later because the chances of it going away on it's own with all the pre-wedding stress is slim to none. I've struggled with hormonal acne most of my life and have found a couple things that really stand out from the crowd of Acne care products. 


         1) Spironolactone: This is an oral treatment that you have to get from your dermatologist, but is worth it's weight in gold. It's one of those medications that wasn't created for skin at all, but doctors found that taking it really improved the skin of acne prone patients. 


         2) Obagi Clenziderm: I'm not quite sure why this line works so well, but I have had great luck with it. The wash is great and the toner really neutralizes the PH on the face so you don't get dried out at all. 


If any of these suggestions apply to you, give them a try and here's wishing you beautiful skin on your wedding day!