Mid - Week Must

This week we’re discussing skincare. As many of you are experiencing dry skin, you’re probably wondering the best way to combat that. Dry flakey skin isn’t the cutest and you can’t cover it with makeup and quite honestly, makeup usually makes it look worse. We have a couple tips for you that you can do in-home!

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First you want to start by exfoliating your skin. We at Danielle Style SWEAR by the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush. With multiple different brush heads, you’re sure to find one that suits your skin. Not only will it exfoliate off the dead skin, but it also deep cleans so its great for oily/acne prone skin as well. Pair this guy with your favorite cleanser and you’re golden!

Following the exfoliation of your skin, you’ll want to bust out your moisturizer, there are a few on the market we enjoy, but luckily Clarisonic has paired up with Kiehl’s this year for a gift set. In the set, you’ll get you brush, your charging stand, and cleanser, a moisturizer, and a deep cleansing mask. If you’re extra dry, maybe save the mask for spring/summer when your skin is creating more oil. We love Kiehl’s, it is formulated without Parabens or Sulfates, this means that it is healthy for your skin. You’re guaranteed to get great results with this set.