Mid - Week Merch

Well friends, summer is on its way and we have a feeling its coming in with a vengeance. Lets be real, summer is always pretty intense in St.Louis, between the sunshine and the humidity its pretty excruciating. So! What's the number one thing you need to do in the summer no matter what you're doing? PROTECT YOUR SKIN!!! We can't say this enough. Outside of the obvious health complications the sun can cause such as skin cancer (sorry to be a Debbie-downer but this is reality we're living in) it can also lead to rapid aging!!! I know ya'll want to prevent that at all costs like we do, so here's whats in our purse all day every day during the summer: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.16.02 PM.png

This product claims to be good for all skin types, totally invisible, and weightless, and we have to say, it lives up to its claims! This product is our ride or die, and I'm not sure you could convince us otherwise. One of our favorite parts? IT IS COMPLETELY SCENTLESS, gone are the days of deciding between SPF or perfume. You can use this on your face as well as your last step before makeup as it works as a great primer as well. Multi purpose products? YES PLEASE. The bonus? It is clinically tested and cruelty free!