Welcome to this week's #teachtuesday! "What is balayage," this is a question we are often asked. Simply put, balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the lightener is painted on in such a way to create a graduated, natural looking effect. Who is an ideal candidate for balayage? Someone who doesn't have a lot of time to frequently visit the salon, but needs their hair to always look done, as this service can still look great up to 12 weeks later. Someone who has shoulder length hair or longer. Someone who wants to keep their natural color but add in some fun without needing a new growth touch up regularly. Someone who wants the sun kissed look. Someone who likes to wear their hair wavy or curled regularly. Who is not an ideal candidate? Someone with hair shorter than shoulder length. Someone who is all over grey, as this process is for lightening, not darkening. Someone who wears their hair stick straight more often than not. #teachtuesday