Mid-Week Merch

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Lets talk about why we love it! 

1. It ACTUALLY works. If you're like us you've tried everything on the market for acne, sometimes you find something that works for a month or two and your skin adjusts and it no longer works. This is the first product I've found thats worked over a long period of time. I've been using these products for roughly 6 months and it is still working. Not only is my skin in better condition, but I don't break out half as much as I used to and my skin appears lighter, brighter, and more even over all. 

2. As I mentioned in point number one, my skin is lighter, brighter, and more even. If you suffer from acne you know that your skin tends to appear worse than it actually is due to hyper pigmentation in spots where old breakouts used to be. These products work together to get rid of that. 

3. The mask doubles as a spot treatment. If I've gotten a rather sizable blemish, due to hormones during our favorite time of the month, I'll apply the mask in the spot over night while I sleep, and I wake up and its less than half the size. Who doesn't love a multi purpose product? 

4. The toner visibly shrinks pores, which is especially nice if you're an oily girl like me. It helps to combat shine all day, and my makeup lays better on my skin. 

5. The oil isn't your typical oil. This oil can be used on oily skin. If you're like me you're shuttering at the idea of putting oil on top of already oily skin, but I promise this product is the star of the show. Not only is it weightless, but I'd say its the most high powered product out of the three. If you're going to get only one of the products in this trio, this product is the one to get. Its light weight, keeps the skin from over producing oil which is what gives you the appearance of oily skin in the first place, and provides a more overall healthy glow. I started noticing a change when I began to use this product by itself in my old skincare routine. It completely ate up existing acne and kept new acne from forming as a stand alone product. If that doesn't speak volumes for the power behind this product, I don't know what will. 

Over all, you can't go wrong with this trio. We highly recommend these products to anyone that suffers from acne. If you're skeptical, we have good news! You can buy this as a mini set to try it out. Or even better, you can gift it to your younger sibling, a good friend, a mother experining adult acne, anyone! I've attached links below to make your shopping experience easy!