Tattoos & Bruises

Let’s talk about tattoos and bruises for a minute. Ive never been one who believes that they can be covered. Even when attempted by professionals, it just ends up looking like a big bruise.I don’t know about you but if I had to choose between my tattoo or a bruise I think I would pick the tattoo.  There is a reason that Angelina Jolie still walks around with a Billy Bob tattoo. If it could be covered, she would have done it. That said, this last weekend my associate make-up artist Andrea attempted to cover a bruise on a bridesmaids arm. It was a pretty bad one. She used a creme, full coverage cake foundation in a warm tone to neutralize the blue/purple of the bruise and you could still see it. Then I remembered the awesome orange toned powder in my Kat Von D dark and light kit. As I applied the powder all three of us said at the same time, “ Whoa…what was that?!!!!!" The powder completely neutralized any darker undertones. I’ve been doing make-up for 14 years and I’ve never seen a bruise covered this well. Here’s the formula if you are wanting to play with covering a tattoo or bruise yourself. 


1. Start by applying a warm toned creme concealer to the area you are trying to cover. When I say warm I mean orange or apricot. Those are the colors that will neutralize. Try Cinema Secrets foundation in warm.

    - make sure to only cover the areas that are dark. 


2. Apply a full coverage pressed powder over the creme. I like MAC’s full coverage powder. 


3. Then swipe the area with Kat Von D’s powder in Levitation. It’s the top one on the far right. 


4. Spray the area with a make-up setting spray. My favorite is by Final Seal by Cinema secrets. This will ensure that the make-up stays in place and won’t rub off on clothing.