What should I buy?

Hello everyone. An interesting conversation last week with a new client that spurned an idea for a great blog post. She asked," how do I know what kind of extensions to get for the wedding?"   Clip-ins, wefts, halo, or permanent extensions are your four options. Let's take a look into what our different options offer.


Lets start with Wefts. Wefts are long strands of hair that are meant to be either sewn or bobby pinned into an existing hair structure. This option is great if you are wanting to wear a very full bun and you just don’t have enough hair to make it. Or if you are wanting to sport a really full ponytail and you need more length and fullness. Wefts can be used more than once, but are usually cut to the particular length a style requires so that could make re-use a bit difficult. Price: $50-$150 depending on the quality of hair you buy.


Now let’s take a look at Clip-In hair extensions. Clip-ins come in boxes of 20 or so pieces, have clips attached, and are many different sizes. The different sizes offer you the ability to customize exactly how many pieces you want to put in. This works great if you have all the hair you need in the back, but need to add some length on the sides, or if you have the thickness you need but want to add some length all around. Clip-ins are awesome for all down styles or half up. Putting hair up with these can be a challenge. Mostly because the clips that attach them to your hair are a bit bulky and can be tricky to hide. Re-use with these is quite easy, you might need a little practice getting them in, but once you get the hang of it they are hard to go without. Price: $100-$400 depending on the quality of hair you buy. 


The “ Halo” brand hair extension is a single piece that is secured to the head by parting the hair and placing a thin piece of clear, stretchy string around you head like a head band. This band is then covered by your natural hair. Out of all the options, the halo by far offers the most styling options. There aren’t bully clips to work around and best of all you can use it every day! It’s meant to be popped in and out with ease. Price: Starts at $300 and goes up from there depending on length. 

Lastly, let’s look at bonded hair extensions. These are the best option for someone who wants a more permanent hair experience. These are small pieces of hair that are bonded to your natural hair and can last up to 6 months. If done well, this option can be quite beautiful. That said, it comes with quite a hefty price tag. Look at spending $1500 and up for a really good job. I have found that this option is best styled down. The little bondings can be tricky to hide when putting the hair half up or all up. 

So, heres a little run down based on style:

Wefts: Best for all up styles

Clip-Ins: Best for all down, half up, and up styles

Halo: Works well with all styles

Bonded: Best for all down