The science to styling

Do you ever wonder what makes a hair style look really flattering? Or wondered if there is a style that would look better on you than all the others? Well here is a little " daniellestyle secret."

It's all about the jawline. Follow the line of the jaw straight out to the back of the head. No matter what style you choose, keep the height of your style either below or above the line.

Here are some examples.  


For a jawline that is closer to horizontal, make the closure of the height further down the head. 


This bride has a very steep jaw line, which is very flattering for high styles like this killer bun.  


In this photo you can see what I mean by " your height has to sit below or above"  

I guess another way to say it would be that to make sure your style is flattering on your face shape, your style has to either end or start at the line that the jaw creates. 

This technique will take your styles to the next level. Happy styling:)