New Kit Additions

I've added a few new products to my kit lately and I'd love to share some of them with you. 

"Hair Shake" by Joico

I'm sure all of you are familiar with the texturizing powders that are out there. I love them except for one reason. They have no forgiveness. And what I mean by that is, once it's in you better hope you like your style because the only way to change it would be to put your head under the sink. Hair Shake allows you to build up the texture as you go. It works great sprayed onto the hair prior to curling and takes the "flip and shake" to the next level. 

Next up is BB Water by Smashbox

This stuff is a game changer.  I'm in love! It has a water like consistency and  impressive coverage for a product that is so thin. Best of all it leaves you with a satin finish to your skin.  This not only made it into my kit, it also got a spot in my personal make-up bag. 

Chantecaille Pure Rose Water

This toner is absolutely wonderful. It soothes the skin after cleansing and has the fresh scent of real roses. Like the kind my grandma grew in her back yard. I'm not a "scent " person so that should tell you how fantastic is. I've yet to experience a toner like this outside of Paris. Oh, and I forgot to mention…the best part of using a toner prior to moisturizing?  It allows your product to spread better so you use less. BONUS!

BYTerry Baume de Rose'

BYTerry Baume de Rose'

This next product I found in a fit of desperation. I'm in Paris with my husband, having the time of my life, shopping it up at Bon Marche'  and all of sudden my lips were so dry I couldn't see straight. I hate to sound dramatic, but having your lips curl in on them selves sucks. So I'm wandering through the make-up department trying to find a lip balm and there it was. Like it was meant to be. This is a super hydrating, creamy balm that has a subtle rose scent. Really fantastic product.