Susan Jackson

The oh, so lovely Susan Jackson sent me some images of two of our past brides, Emily and Kaki, and I can't help but share. Both of these girls couldn't have been cuter. Kaki went with a classic half back with volume that went for days. Kaki has fairly fine hair, so to give it the extra oomph it needed I used a billowing technique. After you curl and let cool, you back comb the under side of the section. Making the backcombing tighter closer to the scalp and graduating it out as you get to the midshaft of the hair. This technique makes a small section of hair 3 times fuller than it would normally be. 

Emily came to me at her trial having no clue what she wanted. If my memory serves me correctly I believe she had a couple photos but my immediate response was, " Oh, we can do better than that!"  Her features and creamy skin need to be surrounded with smooth, dark hair like a frame. Hers was one of those hair styles that made me swoon. It's classic, yet still modern. Structured, yet still feminine and soft.


Thank you ladies for allowing Daniellesytle to be a part of your big day!


And thank you Susan Jackson for always capturing my work so beautifully. You rock :)