SmartFlyer for Travel

My husband and I are getting ready to head over to Italy on vacation and after seeing all the perks we are getting at the hotels we booked through a company named SmartFlyer I thought it was blog worthy.

Previous to SmartFlyer I never used a travel agent. I was more of an Expedia girl. Which worked well as long as u were going to one destination. Bit if you plan on moving around it's not as good of a deal.

Enter SmartFlyer. They booked all of my hotels, plane tickets train tickets and activities such as tours. They represent some of the most amazing hotels of the world, you get fantastic rates and the deals are what make it worth their weight in gold.

This trip we're getting ready to head out on were staying at three different hotels. And here's the list of perks we get that each hotel we check into.

-complementary early check-in and late checkout
-automatic room upgrade
-Fruitbasket and bottle of wine in your room when you get there.
-Complementary transportation to and from the airport
-$100-$200 hotel credit
-Complementary breakfast
-one complementary meal per day

How do all these perks happen??? Bribery? kickbacks? Sexual favors? I have no idea but frankly I don't care As long as I don't have to pay more. This is my second trip with them and it won't be my last.

Last but not least, my other reason for telling you all about this is that my good friend Scott Solsvig just informed me that he recently joined Rob Merlin's SmartFlyer team! ( Rob is the travel agent that helped me book this trip :) So any of you brides that are still looking to plan your bachelorette parties or better yet your honeymoon give them a call and they will bust their rump to send you off in style.

Here is Scott's information. Happy Traveling!

Scott Solsvig
Smart Flyer Travel concierge