SmileBrilliant Professional Teeth Whitening In my Junk Mail

I'm sure I am no different that anyone else out there when it comes to junk e-mail. It makes me crazy. I am always doing my best to get rid of it at any chance I can. Which it why I deleted the first two of three emails sent to me from the company Smile Brilliant. The third email was entitled " 3rd time is a charm?" Huh? Is this junk?  Nope, this was a rep from the Smile Brilliant company wanting to send me samples of his product in hopes that I would like it and tell all my friends. 

Well, listen up friends and consider yourselves told, if you have ever considered whitening your teeth, this stuff rocks. 3 things come in the kit. A whitener gel that is in a handy pen like thing that you crank to get the gel out. Then there is a rubbery plastic teeth guard and a little LED light box. It's super easy. Paint the gel on, put in the trays, then sit as long as 45 min. with the light in your mouth. 

Get this, I used this product for 2 days and I had someone ask me what I did to my teeth!  I was shocked! And as a huge plus...NO PAIN AT ALL!I have very sensitive teeth. Sensitive enough that just watching someone take a bite of ice-cream with their teeth mill make mine ache. 

So, all in all I really like this stuff and will continue to use it.