Take that TSA

So, this isn't a post about make-up or hair per-say, but it is about what to do with it when you travel. I just had to share this with you all because I was so stinking proud of myself for pulling it off I could barely see straight. 

While packing for an over seas trip in which neither myself or my husband checked a bag. ( 10 days in a carry on. Yes, it is possible) I had a thought.  " When my 5 bins full of crap go through the scanner they never know how many of them are mine or the guy in front of me, Right?" So, what would keep me from having as many zip locks as I have bins going through the scanner? Ummm nothing. So, I tried it and am happy to say that I am 5 for 5. Five trips with 5 little baggies full of my toiletry goodies and no one said a word. Ha! Take that TSA!

So, if you are like myself and can't stand following rules that make no sense then give it a go. Just remember that if you do get caught you might have to throw some of your goodies away, but I think it's worth all the extra shampoo you can bring:)