A thought provoking question...

A though provoking question inspired this post…" Why is the make-up you apply so pretty?"  I didn't know what to say. But, it did make me think about what I do that maybe people should know about to maybe try on themselves. So, here is a little list of things I do that could possibly make people pick up what I'm putting down. 


No matter how disgusting you think your skin looks on any particular day, Manequin Skin by Jemma Kidd should be your staple. It is a light creme highlighter that I apply after moisturizer and before make-up. It makes your skin look like it just had a week vacation. You can find this at Target.


Always do your eyes first. There are a couple really good reasons for this. The first is fall out. I don't care if you can see it or not, I guarantee that some of what you applied to your eyes has fallen underneath. And if there are little particles of dark what not under your eyes, concealer isn't going to help you as much as it should. So, keep a packet of make-up remover wipes in your make-up bag. Apply all of your eye make-up and then sweep off anything that may have fallen. Then apply your concealer. Reason # 2, I guarantee that if you do your eyes first you will find you need less concealing make-up on your face. Think about it, if you apply your foundation, then your concealer you have completely removed all definition, color and natural skin tone from your face. To get some life back into those features you will need all kinds of work to get it back. Try this instead and keep this phrase in mind as you do, " Only put make-up where make-up is needed." Do your eyes, remove fall out, apply the Jemma Kidd brightener I talked about above, conceal any areas that need it ( around the nose, under eyes, and blemishes), Powder with a translucent powder, then bronze with a powder bronzer starting at your neck and work your way up. Add a tiny bit of blush and a lip of your choice. 


I am constantly asked what mascara I like best. As much as a great mascara makes all the difference I have discovered something that makes just as much. Use the tip of your mascara wand. Those little lashes on the inside and outside corner of your eyes are what make the magic. I swear it is what everyone loves about Kim Kardashian's lashes. So, use what you have mascara wise and give this a go. After you have applied your mascara the way you normally do clean some of the mascara off the tip of your wand. Now, since the hairs on the inside of the eye grow toward your nose, I want you to use the tip of the want to brush them toward the pupil of your eye. Once you have the mascara on, brush them back toward your nose and spread them out. I promise you, you will find hairs you didn't even know you had. Now, do the same with the hairs on the outside of the eye. It's a huge difference. And since we are talking about mascara I will tell you my favorite mascara right now for this technique. 

Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara 1 Black Satin 


Understand your concealers. I know this it is easy to say when you do this for a living, but it comes down to basic color application. Think of a color wheel. What is on the opposite side of blue?  peach, orange, and red. If you have darkness under your eyes that your concealer doesn't seem to beat into submission it might be time for the big guns. If you have fair skin you will need a peach colored concealer. If you have medium skin you are going to need an  light orange or dark peach concealer. If you have dark skin you will need a orange or red concealer. I know it sounds bizarre, but it works. And now you are gonna ask me where to get it. Right?  Well, if you aren't internet savvy, try Benefit Erase Paste. It comes in a few shades. And if you are up for some real fun try this. Ben-Nye's conceal all wheel. http://www.naimies.com/make-up/face/concealer/ben-nye-nk-1-conceal-all-wheel.html



I'll post more as I think of them, but this should keep you busy on Amazon for a while. Happy shopping!