Need a little more hair?

When styling hair I often reach for the hair extensions. My favorite and easiest to get your hands on are at Sally beauty and the brand is Euronext. The colors are easy to match and the quality is great for the price,  around $90. With these you get about 8-10 pieces of different sized pieces that clip in at various places on your head. 

But, for those of you that either don't have the time to deal with 10 pieces of extensions or aren't hair proficient enough to figure it out, you can make your own piece that I like to refer to as a " 4 clipper". A "4 clipper" is 3 tracks of hair extensions laid on top of each other, sewn together with clips, and attached to the head at 4 places. Very easy to make and adds length and thickness that is easy enough to put in on a daily basis.


Here is what you need to make it. 

1.  Human Hair wefts ( you can purchase these at sallys or any beauty supply shop and cost ranges from $20-$45) Don't buy synthetic hair, only human. Synthetic hair can't be straightened or curled. 

2. Weaving thread and extension clips. These can be purchased where they sell the hair. Weaving thread is thicker than normal thread. The clips are kinda like the ones you wore when you were a little girl except there are holes for sewing them onto things and there is the neat little strip of rubber across the comb to keep the hair from slipping out. 

3. Large needle. You can buy these at any sewing shop or sometimes they carry them at the beauty supply stores as well. You want one that is strong enough to get through the glue at the base of the weft.

Measure your head from 1 inch behind your hair line to 1 inch behind the hair line on the other side. Cut 3 pieces of hair that length. Lay them on top of each other and begin sewing them together. After they are all attached, sew the clips on. Make sure to space them equally and make sure she they are opened the comb side hits the scalp.  Once those are attached you can clip them in. If they are too long I suggest using a razor to adjust the length. These can also be purchased at Sallys. Using a razor roughs up the ends of the extension and makes them look more like real hair. 


This is what the hair wefts look like at the store. It is basically a spool of hair. Weird I know. You will purchase the needle, thread, and clips separately. 

Here is what your finished 4 clipper should look like.