Mid-Week Merch

Hello friends! This week we have a product to share with you that we absolutely love! 

Why we love it: This dry oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It penetrates into the skin quickly and is noncomedogenic, which means it won't clog pores while its hydrating your skin and improving texture! This oil is perfect for day or night, you can also use it within your foundation, our favorite way. For our more dry skinned clients, we drop one or two (a little goes a long way) drops into the foundation and pounce it on the skin with a damp beauty blender, creating the perfect finish! It won't hold on to your dry patches for dear life and you'll finally get the radiance that every dry girl is looking for. It is also 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly, which is certainly a plus! 


Welcome to this week's #teachtuesday! "What is balayage," this is a question we are often asked. Simply put, balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair in which the lightener is painted on in such a way to create a graduated, natural looking effect. Who is an ideal candidate for balayage? Someone who doesn't have a lot of time to frequently visit the salon, but needs their hair to always look done, as this service can still look great up to 12 weeks later. Someone who has shoulder length hair or longer. Someone who wants to keep their natural color but add in some fun without needing a new growth touch up regularly. Someone who wants the sun kissed look. Someone who likes to wear their hair wavy or curled regularly. Who is not an ideal candidate? Someone with hair shorter than shoulder length. Someone who is all over grey, as this process is for lightening, not darkening. Someone who wears their hair stick straight more often than not. #teachtuesday

Benefits of Keratin

We've all heard of it: Keratin AKA Brazilian Blowout. Most of us know what it is meant for, or so we think! This services is typically advertised as a treatment that helps tame, frizzy, unruly hair. We have accidentally discovered the added benefits!

The science behind keratin is that it seals the cuticle. If you imagine your hair strands as open faux christmas trees, once you apply the keratin it closes those branches up, like when you're ready to store your tree until next year. Katie had this problem among the fact that it just wouldn't grow. It was fine, frizzy, and short. Since starting her keratin treatment, she has gained inches, fullness, and a smooth cuticle. Certain strengthens each strand, meaning it no longer breaks off, offering newly found length! Who knew? We didn't! It seems like a pretty obvious benefit now that we think about it, but no one ever mentions it so we didn't know! The company itself does not advertise this as a benefit, so we are thrilled to have discovered it. Don't believe me? Just take a look at the photos below, the proof is in the pudding, my friends! 

The above photo is the before of Katie's hair. As you can see its very fine, you can see through to the scalp, the frizz is untamable, and you can see breakage throughout. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.18.30 PM.png

Here is Katie's hair after few treatments! You can no longer see the scalp, it is full, healthy, much longer, and no more breakage! Katie is left feeling more confident and her hair is easier to style which is especially helpful as she takes care of her family and uncountable weddings in her career as a wedding planner.  

Keely via Annie

There is something so special about Indian brides, from the vibrant colors to the dramatic makeup and big hair. We can't get enough! Keely's was an absolutely stunning canvas for Annie to work on, theres no wonder she turned out so beautiful. Can you say bombshell?! Here are a few of our favorite images from the event: 

Thank you so much for having us Keely, we wish you all the luck in the world with your new family. 

Friday Favorites!

Paris to Amsterdam, Toronto to Miami,4 trips in 4 months,with 4 of my besties and there was one common thread. " D can we please go make up shopping, I want what you use!" So make up shopping we went. 


Below I'd like to share with you my all time favorite products for daily life and travel. Adding these items to your make up bag will ensure you are prepared for any tripthat may come your way. 


Heres a little daniellestyle tip: sample sizes are the way to go when traveling but they can be super hard to find. Ebay is the ultimate go-to for stocking up. ( notice my mini NARS bronzer:) 


Lancôme absolute radiant smoothing


  - this powder is from the gods. Smooths the appearance of the skin. Amazing and worth every penny $58 Nordstrom


Smashbox x-rated mascara

  • I'm all about having the right wand and this one grabs your lashes as you apply the mascara so that both sides of the lash get covered. LOVE


Morphe setting powder brush

    -Stiff yet soft bristles, great for setting under eye concealer


Lancôme pressed powder

-Sometimes you just need a little matte coverage. 


Ester lauder ideal lights

  -Highlighter, concealer, foundation, this illuminating stick does it all. Creamy formula that resists creasing.


Cinema secrets foundation palette

-Cake concealer for days you wake up with what grandma erb called the "Sunday flu" 


Tarte tartiest creme eye liner( brush included)  creamy and smooth. Very easy to apply


Armani contour fan brush

-This is my all time favorite brush. You just have to try it, Perfcet for contouring


-Armani creme eyeshadow #11

Creamy eyeshadow that set to a crease resistant eyeshadow base. 


-Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick color: milk shake

  Use this as a highlighter for a nude lip



Lorac pro eye shadow palette

 This palette is slim for travel and has all the colors you could need. Matte and shimmery shades


Armani hydro proof foundation:

  This foundation is from the gods. Light weight, sublime coverage, and application is foolproof and stunning. 



Burberry cheek stain rose

  Soft hint of gel color. 


Nars bronzer : laguna

Make up Eraser

Stumbled upon this little gem while Christmas shopping at  Nordstrom. So let me get this straight, this little wash rag is going to take off all my make up without any removing solution at all? Sure it is.....

Well, this little sucker rocks! With a little water,  One side removes a your make up and the other side exfoliates. This little Majic eraser for the face even gets off the most stubborn waterproof liner and mascara! 

For $20 give it try. I bought 7 for gifts! 


Armani Make Up

Traveling is a passion of mine for many reasons. The food, the culture, the make up;)  

When traveling  I take every chance I get to visit different make up counters and research new make-up lines on the market. My most recent trip brought me to one of my favorite counters to play at ..... ARMANI

ARMANI'S make up line is just mmmmm yummy. Everything from their foundations to their brushes are exquisite. Get this...I love this line so much that I let the make up artist working there do my make up. Yeah, even I will get my make up done at a mall if it's at the ARMANI counter!


Here are some treats I picked up today.


Shooting with my buddies...

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of working with 2 of my favorite people for a little shoot.  Susan Jackson ( photographer) and I have been friends for years and i was so happy to get this shoot in before she moves to san fransisco. And you all know that annie Heyward ( hair and make up)  is my main minx. 

We shot the photos in my bedroom at my new house and the lighting was a gift from above. Susan and annie knocked this one out of the park. There are so many good shots I can't even choose. 


Thanks annie and Susan for taking the time to help me get some great new shots! Love you both!



Instagram may be my new favorite place to find cool products. This past weekend I got to give my new elstile magic curling iron a spin. I'm obcessed as is everyone else who has laid hands or eyes on it. I have never curled hair with such ease. The rotating collar is genius! This thing makes curling hair fun it's so easy. Check out the videos on their website. Super cool tool! 


Instead of turning your wrist to wind the hair, you rotate that white collar with your thumb and it does the work for you. And at $75.00 it's a steal!  

Instead of turning your wrist to wind the hair, you rotate that white collar with your thumb and it does the work for you. And at $75.00 it's a steal!  

Lancôme's absolute powder review

Hello everyone! Wanted to share with you my latest and greatest beauty find. So I watching a make up tutorial and the artist was using a powder I had never heard of to set the foundation on mature skin. The way she described this powder convinced me to give it a try. Holy father of translucent powders this product is incredible! The best way I can describe it is to say it has the consistency of a cloud and the finish of a halo. It's luminosity blurs imperfections and adds a timeless glow. Such a gem unfortunately comes with a hefty price tag of $58.00 that said, well worth the price. 

Tip: try finding a sample size on ebay! 

Lancôme absolute powder in peche  

Lancôme absolute powder in peche  

Tattoos & Bruises

Let’s talk about tattoos and bruises for a minute. Ive never been one who believes that they can be covered. Even when attempted by professionals, it just ends up looking like a big bruise.I don’t know about you but if I had to choose between my tattoo or a bruise I think I would pick the tattoo.  There is a reason that Angelina Jolie still walks around with a Billy Bob tattoo. If it could be covered, she would have done it. That said, this last weekend my associate make-up artist Andrea attempted to cover a bruise on a bridesmaids arm. It was a pretty bad one. She used a creme, full coverage cake foundation in a warm tone to neutralize the blue/purple of the bruise and you could still see it. Then I remembered the awesome orange toned powder in my Kat Von D dark and light kit. As I applied the powder all three of us said at the same time, “ Whoa…what was that?!!!!!" The powder completely neutralized any darker undertones. I’ve been doing make-up for 14 years and I’ve never seen a bruise covered this well. Here’s the formula if you are wanting to play with covering a tattoo or bruise yourself. 


1. Start by applying a warm toned creme concealer to the area you are trying to cover. When I say warm I mean orange or apricot. Those are the colors that will neutralize. Try Cinema Secrets foundation in warm.

    - make sure to only cover the areas that are dark. 


2. Apply a full coverage pressed powder over the creme. I like MAC’s full coverage powder. 


3. Then swipe the area with Kat Von D’s powder in Levitation. It’s the top one on the far right. 


4. Spray the area with a make-up setting spray. My favorite is by Final Seal by Cinema secrets. This will ensure that the make-up stays in place and won’t rub off on clothing.

Another Skin Care Addition

ALERT!!!!! Anyone that struggles with acne needs to try this! I couldn't believe how well these little suckers work. Its flesh colored, band-aid like circle that you can't see! You place it over your blemish and it draws all the uckies out of the spot and turns white when its pulled all the gunk out and its flat by the next day! Its so wild. Another thing I'll do, is if I have a really stubborn one coming in that needs a high percentage benzoyl peroxide on it, I'll place that on the blemish and then put the dot over top, that way it doesn't move over night and by the next day, you're good to go! Its one of the coolest things I've ever used. Check them out, I got mine on Amazon as per usual. 

New kit addition

MAC has come out with a new product called soft serve eye shadow that I'm absolutely in love with! It's a fluffy eye shadow that adds just the right amount of sparkle. Not 12 year old at a birthday party glitter. I've been absolutely loving applying it to the highlighted part of the eye lid for just an extra little pop.  

My favorite color is bounce around. Give it a try.  


Verseo skin spatula

Okay, let's chat a little about how most of us clean out our pores. It includes finger nails, and a magnifying mirror. Maybe a face mask but those don't really pull out all the junk that makes your skin look dull and lifeless. And then there's those black heads around your nose and chin that no matter what u do you cant get out. There has got to be a better way!

My good friend Susan recommended I try this Weird looking spatula thing called the Verseo skin spatula. Holy moly does this thing work. Here's how: it uses ultrasonic vibrations to coax the junk out of your pores. All you have to do is push the blade ( dull not sharp) across moistened skin at a 45 degree angle. You will NOT believe what comes out of your pores. Oil, dirt, black heads you name it, it comes out. So gross and so wonderful at the same time!

After only 2 uses I noticed a huge difference in the size of my pores and have over all clearer skin. This little sucker is a must have and for $50 on Amazon you can't go wrong.  

P.s. I even let my husband give it a try. He is now as obcessed as I am.