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Hello friends! We're back with another product we've been loving! We're ending the winter season, but if you're anything like us, it takes our skin a little while to get used to the weather change, particularly the lips! We have the perfect fix for ya! 


 Infused with rose butter, rose flower essential wax, rose hip oil, and oil extracts of black rose and pastel rose, this scrub leaves the lips and lip contour hydrated and nourished. The best part? THE BALM ISN'T STICKY! We at Danielle Style are highly particular about whether or not a product is sticky on the lips, and we are happy to note that this balm is far from it! Hit the buttons below to pick up the products!

Mid - Week Merch

HOLD EVERYTHING! I know what you straight hair guys and gals must be thinking: "why should I read a post about a curly hair product, I don't have curly hair?" Well, let me tell you why! Not only is this product amazing for curly hair, because obvs, its in the title...BUT it is the absolute BEST crime fighting styling lotion we've ever found. Yes, we consider static a crime. Just a little pea sized amount of this stuff will knock your socks off if you're like us and get static like CRAZY in the winter. You can use this in your damp hair before blow drying or you can use it as a finisher, and the best part is, its relatively weightless so you won't be dealing with that greasy look if you choose to use it as a finisher. In addition to all of these benefits, its cheap and lasts years! Find it at the link below: 

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 2.18.17 PM.png

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Today we're talking primer. We've all noticed that the current trend in makeup is flawless, glowing skin. If you're like our artist Leigh the sound of glowing skin sounds great, but us oily gals know that its so hard to do without looking sweaty mid day. We have the perfect product for you! 


Not only is this a great product for oily gals looking for that perfect glow, its great for ALL skin types including sensitive skin, which is a total God-send. Its rare to find a primer/moisturizer that truly works for all skin types, but this one takes the cake for sure. It lives up to its claims of brightening, smoothing, reducing pore visibility, and leaving skin with a natural, dewy glow. It is also formulated without parabens or sulfates, which is even better! The cherry on top? ITS CRUELTY FREE!!! YAAAAAAS!!! 

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Hello friends! We hope you had a great holiday week and are starting off your year feeling energized and happy! 

This week we are back with a new product, one we've never discussed on our blog before. BRUSHES! You see us posting about makeup and skin care, but what about the things we use to apply them?! We have the perfect thing for you. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.20.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.20.40 PM.png

Morphe brushes! We can't get enough. At this incredibly low price point, it is almost impossible to ignore. We've talked about this brand in a past post, not only do they create absolutely incredible makeup products for low cost, they also create incredible brushes. In fact, this brand started with brushes and graduated to makeup products, recently adding faux lashes to their repertoire, which we have yet to try but will certainly get back to you on that. 

This brush set here was selected by the famed makeup artist Jaclyn Hill. She has compiled a set of her favorite brushes, and we have to say, they are to die for. The best part about this set is that its an actual COMPLETE set, which is quite rare to find. This set has everything you need to create the perfect look, and then some for the more creative makeup user. 

If you feel like the set is too large, they break down each brush and their uses so you can buy a few separately if you so choose! I have included a link to the set below for your purchasing convenience!

23 Ways to Slay. Jaclyn’s faves, why she loves them and how she uses them...

E18 - “My favorite pencil brush. It's so soft and blends out your shadow so smoothly.” (synthetic bristles)

M441 - “This brush allows you to get a beautiful even wash of color quickly because the bristles are perfectly round.” (goat bristles)

E17 - “This brush is a little stiffer, but comes in handy when you really want to pack on product and blend it out.” (synthetic bristles)

R37 - “This is the first brush I pick up every time I do my eyeshadow.” (goat bristles)

M573 - “Ideal for applying matte shadows in a hurry.” (goat bristles)

M518 - “I use this one specifically in windshield wiper motions to blend out stubborn shadows.” (goat bristles)

M433 - “The holy grail blending brush. I don't think I could do my eyeshadow without this one.” (goat bristles)

M513 - “Since this blending brush is a little shorter with tapered hairs, you can really carve out your crease & get precise blending.” (goat bristles)

M506 - “This brush changed the eyeshadow game. It's ideal for blending out a cut crease. Its tiny shape makes it so easy to not be sloppy.” (sable bristles)

E36 - “My go to for inner corner highlight." (synthetic bristles)

M213 - “So great for applying highlight to the brow bone, inner corner of the eye & adding pops of color to the lid.” (sable bristles)

M432 - “I use this brush every day when applying shadow on my lower lash line or to smoke out my upper lash line.” (synthetic bristles)

E41 - “The biggest & best brush for applying powder all over the face. Get the job done quick too cause it's so huge. That's what she said ;) (synthetic bristles)

R2 - “My favorite bronzer brush ever! It can make a patchy bronzer look flawless I swear.” (synthetic bristles)

E8 - “I love this for applying foundation when you want a really full coverage or to cover up a blemish.” (synthetic bristles)

M504 - “This is the perfect brush for applying a shadow all over the lid or a wash of color in the crease.” (sable bristles)

M510 - “The BEST highlighting brush!” (goat bristles)

M438 - “I love this brush for applying powder to my undereye area. The tapered hairs make it so easy to get in the inner corner for a smooth application.” (sable bristles)

M530 - “This brush is so universal for anything on the face. I use it to apply blush, contour & dust awake my powder when I bake.” (natural bristles)

M437 - “Another amazing brush for contouring you can get so precise with this brush.” (sable bristles)

E47 - “I can't live without this brush. You can use it for your nose contour or to clean up your eye shadow with translucent powder.” (synthetic bristles)

R10 - “This brush is a dream to contour with. You're able to achieve a soft blended contour so effortlessly.” (synthetic bristles)

M439 - “My ride or die foundation brush!!”(synthetic bristles)

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This week we're talking about glitter and shimmer eyeshadows. NYE is this Sunday, what better way to get festive than to glam up you eyes with some sparkle?! Scared of glitter? Looking for a fool proof and easy way to get the look? Look no further, Stila has done it!

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.07.49 AM.png

The glitter and glow liquid eye shadows are INCREDIBLE. They do not crease as the night goes on, and they apply like a dream. You don't have to be a skilled makeup artist to use these babies. They come in 12 shades for the glitter finish and 6 shades in the shimmer finish. "Get maximum sparkle with minimal fall out," claims Sephora.com, and I gotta say, they're dead on with this description. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.18.53 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.14.19 AM.png

If you feel like the glitter is a little much for you, they also have a new shimmer range, available in 11 shades. You can expect the same results as the glitter range, minus the glitter of course. Its still a great way to get a glow without being too extra! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 11.17.17 AM.png

Double the Bride, Double the Beautiful

We couldn't help but make a post about these two. Not only were they incredibly easy during the booking process with our manager, Leigh, they were absolute dolls at their trials. I knew from the moment I met them we'd have fun on the big day, and that we did. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.32.30 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.33.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.31.12 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.31.37 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.31.25 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.31.57 AM.png

We would like to thank Cindy Lee Photography for allowing us to use her absolutely beautiful images for our blog. I have attached a link to her website below if you're interested in viewing more of her work, SPOILER ALERT: its AMAZING. 

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Today we're talking bronzers. Have trouble finding your shade? We guarantee your satisfaction with the Morphe That Glow Bronzer Palette. This palette is equipped with warm tones for medium skin tones and cooler tones for the fair skinned beauties of the world. In addition to that, this palette includes mattes and shimmers, so if you're feeling a certain vibe one day, and a different vibe the next, you'll still be reaching for this palette. On the website it claims to give you a smooth, even application no matter your skin type, and let me tell you, it measures up! 

Morphe That Glow

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Today we're talking about our most used lip products. In the salon we get asked what lip we're rocking quite frequently, and its our bride's favorite question to ask. Lets get into it! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.44.56 AM.png

First up is MAC cosmetics lip pencil in Soar. The color is described as a mid-tone pinkish brown. Its that perfect "your lips but better" color. Often we wear this pencil by itself, it lasts all day, and is very comfortable on the lips. Throw on a gloss to glam it up a little, and you're all set! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.48.36 AM.png

Next up is the Kevyn Aucoin lip pencil in medium. This pencil is described as a medium nude beige. If you're looking for the perfect nude, look no further, you've found it! This is another pencil you can wear by itself, its long lasting and comfortable just like Soar. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.53.54 AM.png

Next up is another Mac pencil, Whirl. The color is described as a dirty rose, offering the perfect 90's lip that is so in right now. Think Rachael Green from friends. This pencil is also great by itself or with a gloss over top. Like the others mentioned above, it is long lasting and comfortable. This pencil is also great for outlining the lip, and filling in with a lighter color like Boldly Bare (described as a dirty red brown) by Mac, this creates larger looking lips. Mac Whirl and Boldly Bare is Leigh's favorite lip combo. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 11.59.07 AM.png

Last up is another Mac pencil: Half Red (did you notice a trend?) This color is described as a soft burgundy. Its almost red, but not, and its almost brown, but not. This is another "your lips but better," color. Easy to throw on, comfortable, and long lasting. 

Honestly you can't go wrong with any of the colors mentioned above. We at Danielle Style wear them frequently, as well as frequently used on brides or for special occasions. They're also great for teenagers in the beginning of wearing makeup, as they aren't aggressive shades but rather soft and age appropriate. I have attached buttons below to all of the products. Happy shopping!  

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Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 11.56.45 AM.png

Lets talk about why we love it! 

1. It ACTUALLY works. If you're like us you've tried everything on the market for acne, sometimes you find something that works for a month or two and your skin adjusts and it no longer works. This is the first product I've found thats worked over a long period of time. I've been using these products for roughly 6 months and it is still working. Not only is my skin in better condition, but I don't break out half as much as I used to and my skin appears lighter, brighter, and more even over all. 

2. As I mentioned in point number one, my skin is lighter, brighter, and more even. If you suffer from acne you know that your skin tends to appear worse than it actually is due to hyper pigmentation in spots where old breakouts used to be. These products work together to get rid of that. 

3. The mask doubles as a spot treatment. If I've gotten a rather sizable blemish, due to hormones during our favorite time of the month, I'll apply the mask in the spot over night while I sleep, and I wake up and its less than half the size. Who doesn't love a multi purpose product? 

4. The toner visibly shrinks pores, which is especially nice if you're an oily girl like me. It helps to combat shine all day, and my makeup lays better on my skin. 

5. The oil isn't your typical oil. This oil can be used on oily skin. If you're like me you're shuttering at the idea of putting oil on top of already oily skin, but I promise this product is the star of the show. Not only is it weightless, but I'd say its the most high powered product out of the three. If you're going to get only one of the products in this trio, this product is the one to get. Its light weight, keeps the skin from over producing oil which is what gives you the appearance of oily skin in the first place, and provides a more overall healthy glow. I started noticing a change when I began to use this product by itself in my old skincare routine. It completely ate up existing acne and kept new acne from forming as a stand alone product. If that doesn't speak volumes for the power behind this product, I don't know what will. 

Over all, you can't go wrong with this trio. We highly recommend these products to anyone that suffers from acne. If you're skeptical, we have good news! You can buy this as a mini set to try it out. Or even better, you can gift it to your younger sibling, a good friend, a mother experining adult acne, anyone! I've attached links below to make your shopping experience easy! 

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This week we are talking about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer! 

Lets talk about why we love it! 

1. FASTER DRYING TIME....lets say this one more time: FASTER DRYING TIME. The biggest reason people don't like drying their hair is the amount of time it takes, especially if you have thick hair, and a lot of it! 

2. Three speed settings providing the ultimate control. 

3. Magnetic attachements! Gone are the days of the diffuser/smoothing attachments falling off mid-style. 

4. Light weight. 

5. Prevents extreme heat damage. 

6. Quieter than most dryers on the market. 

7. Relatively indestructible. I can't tell you how many times we've dropped this thing, and it keeps on trucking along! 

This dryer may be a little on the high end in regards to price, but its worth every single penny. Dyson is also an incredible company that takes very good care of their consumers, and that is a major plus in our book! 

Click the following link to purchase yours! 

Mid-Week Merch

Welcome to another Mid-Week Merch. This week we're obsessing over the Lancome Absolue Poweder, it has quickly become a staple in our makeup kits. 

Let me tell you why we love it! 

1. It is very finely milled, resulting in a smooth appearance rather than that cakey look that NONE of us are looking for. 

2. It is luminous so it has multiple uses! You can use it for an overall glow for dry/combo skin or as a highlight on oily skin. 

3. Very rarely is powder ok to use on mature skin, THIS ONE WORKS! One reason that powder shouldn't be used on mature skin is because it tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, but this powder doesn't do that, even over long periods of time. You might say its the miracle powder everyone has been looking for! 

How to use it: Dust it on with a powder brush, or press on with a powder puff starting at the center of the face and working outward. 

This is a luxury brand, but it is worth every single penny! Click on the link below and you can purchase it for yourself! 


KERATIN! What is it and who is it for? Keratin treatment, also known as Brazilian Blowout, is a product applied to the hair to help tame frizz and unmanageable hair. This girl, Sophie, came in with one of the most unmanageable manes we've seen in a long time. It was thick, frizzy, partially curly, partially straight, all around hard to style and manage for her. She called it "the beast." An hour later she was walking out the door with the most beautiful hair she'd ever had. A picture speaks a thousand words!

The best part about the keratin treatment that we offer is:

1. It is quick,

2. No post treatment waiting period! When you leave you can feel free to exercise, wash your hair, go on vacation, put it in a ponytail, anything you want!

3. You are also able to curl your hair and it will hold, unlike other treatments on the market.

Mid-Week Merch

Happy Wednesday! Today we're coming at you with another one of our favorite products! 

It might seem simple to you, but to us, this glue is an absolute staple! We will never use another brand of glue again. We also prefer the clear-white version because it doesn't get that gummy look that some black glues get. Now lets find out why we like it! 

1. Its latex-free! Often when people have a negative reaction to faux lashes, it stems from the glue. Most lash glues contain latex, this is the most common ingredient that causes an allergic reaction. 

2. It is waterproof! It is perfect for special events, such as weddings, in which people may cry! Or contact wearing individuals that deal with a lot of moisture in their eyes. 

3. It dries clear! 

4. It is not tested on animals. 

5. IT LASTS ALL DAY AND NIGHT, which is by far our favorite part. 

Click the following button and find the glue: 


Lash extensions, what are they and who are they for? Lash extensions are individual lashes glued individually to your existing lashes to create a fuller and longer looking lash. They typically last no longer than 3 weeks, you have the option of getting a full 1 week later, 2 weeks later, or 3 weeks later, after 3 weeks it is considered a full set. These lashes are ideal for the girl that doesn't wear a lot of makeup, or the girl who doesn't wear oil based products.

What you want to avoid:

1. Wetting within 48 hours.

2. Oil based cleansers or makeup.

3. Mascara, luckily with lash extensions you can throw your mascara out he window!

4. Oily hair products. You may not realize it, but as you spray hair products, they can get all over the body and face. Oil will break down the adhesive on the lashes, they will shed faster than normal.

One thing to remember is that some shedding is normal as we lose lashes regularly without even realizing it. With that said, we do want to avoid speeding that process along. You will also want to comb through your lashes with a spooly free of product once a day to keep from tangling. #teachtuesday